19th Street Yangon

Eating and drinking on 19th Street Yangon Myanmar

On arrival in Yangon I genuinely did not know what to expect from a cultural, culinary, or drinking point of view. Well it turns out that people are really friendly, they have great food and the party? The party is at 19th Street Yangon. And overall we also found that most importantly it was indeed…

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Hua Hin

Hanging out in Hua Hin – 2023 Guide

With three days to kill in Bangkok and slightly bored of night markets, I pretty much googled beaches near Bangkok. One of the top 10 was Hua Hin, with it also involving a train journey, which I like. What the Hua Hin? Acquiring to Interwebz this beach town south of Bangkok was initially popular with…

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Street Food Qalansiya

Street Food Qalansiya, Socotra

Qalansiya might not be world renowned, but it is the second largest “city” in Socotra, perhaps the most underrated, unknown and off the beaten track places on earth. But, is there a street food scene in Qalansiya? To read about Socotra Tours click here Qalansiya and Socotra Socotra is an island off of Yemen, technically….

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