7 Must try Drinks in Qamishi

Drinks in Qamishi

Having already discussed the food in Rojava, I felt it time to move onto the drinks in Qamishi, before moving on to those of Raqqa.

For the not knowing Qamishi is the capital of Rojava a slightly special part of (kinda) north-east Syria. And as I managed to get there I have decided to present my 7 must try drinks on Qamishi.

7 Must try Drinks in Qamishi

7) Vimto drink in Qamishi

I have spoken and written about Vimeo before, but this is a very English soft-drink that WKD was based on. Yet while huge in the Middle-East are less so in Syria. You can though get it….

6) Aran drink in Syria

This salty yogurt drink is huge everywhere that the passed the former Ottoman Empire. The best I had was at Al Fakher which is in Raqqa, but you can get it in the capital also.

5) Tea in Qamishi

Wen you visit Rojava you can expect to be fed tea pretty much everywhere you go. This includes restaurants, but also any kind o meeting. No milk, but filled with sugar. Despite being largely a land of the tea, coffee here is also a big deal and you can be expected to be offered it a lot. And like the tea is cheap, or free.

4) Bottled Coke drinks in Qamishi

£ColaQuest Rojava tells us that there is Pepsi more than coke, but they serve it in that sexy bottle which makes it the perfect drink when you are traveling in 45 degree plus heat.

3) Ginger and Honey Soda

A soft drink I discovered per chance it was under a dollar and tasted like ginger and honey. You gotta like anything that does what it says on the tin. Did not get to liquor taste this bad boy las.

2) Street drinks in Qamishi

Wen you go through the markets of any town in Rojava you will see guys with food tricks selling if not iced, but cold drinks.They range in price from 10-30 cents and come in flavors as whacky as tamarind. Oh and I managed 4 and did not get the shits…

1)Drinks in Qamishi at Al Burj

OK, so we all knew that booze would win right? The Al Burj is the best bar in Qamishi (not saying much). They have Corona, they have Lebanese beer AND they had vodka at $3 a shot and you have a winner.

You can read about the Al Burj here.

And those are the must true drinks in Qamishi – 2024 edition.