Eating, drinking and sleeping at the Al Burj Qamishi

Al Burj

While the nightlife of Qamishi might not exactly be eclectic, what vestiges of it that there are seemed to be centered around the Al Burj hotel, restaurant and rooftop bar.

And while being the nexus of the nightlife in Rojava might not exactly seem all that impressive, being the centre of the social scene gives guests a unique insight into the region.

What the Rojava

For the uninitiated Rojava, or west Kurdistan is a region in Syria that has been self governing as the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria since 2013. It is known as being an Anarchist-Syndicalist governed region, although just how leftist or anarchist it is is up for debate.

What is true though is that compared to the rest of Syria, Rojavans enjoy not just better salaries to the rest of the country, bit also more religious freedom than much of the region.

Qamishi is the capital of this exciting region while the Al Burj is its social centre.

About the Al Burj Qamishi

Located in what is essentially downtown Qamishi it is also central to the Christian quarter. What does the Christian quarter mean? Well much as in other parts of the Middle-East as well as being in line with the leftist principles of Rojava Christians are allowed to live as they wish, such as by making and or selling alcohol – hence the great bar at the Al Burj.

Also of note are that the Al Burj Qamishi is at 11 floors the highest building within the city, which means it offers the sunset views of the Rojavan capital.

Al Burj the best hotel in Qamishi

When it comes too where to stay in not just Qamishi, but Rojava then the Al Burj is generally known as the best hotel and while I have only stayed at 4 Rojavan hotels, I do largely concur.

In actual fact not all elven floors are the hotel with the reception and the the rooms starting on the 6th floor. From what I can gather they go up around 3 floors with there being around 14-16 rooms on the whole of the Al Burj Hotel.

The rooms themselves range from 1-3 beds with prices going from the $20-40 mark, although some paring seems to be just made up on the spot…

The rooms are big if not elegant and consist of a bathroom a huge living room and a bedroom that is equally s big. Essentially it is a suite and not all that different from where I stayed in Zakho.

And while the rooms are a little run down, the view, as well as the value of the rooms makes it the best in Qaameshi.

The best restaurant in Qamishi?

The Al Barj also has what is perhaps the best restaurant and indeed bar within the city located on the 10th and 11th floors. On the 10th floor this is done as a huge indoor and outdoor area with the menu presented via QR code. Now I’m not gonna lie this is really annoying and something I hoped would not be the case in Rojava, but it is just a thing when you tour the Middle-East.

Said menu was also in Arabic, which whilst fair enough did make things a bot harder. The staff though were extremely helpful and “barbecue” as well as various salads dips