Best Bars in Kyiv in 2024

Best Bars in Kyiv

Whether you call it Kiev, or Kyiv the bar scene is currently epic here. This though may well change as the war that is dragging on has to finish at some point. For now though life goes on and we can decree the best bars in Kyiv in 2023!

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The Kyiv Bar Scene in 2023

The war has meant that no men are allowed to leave the Ukraine, but it does mean that every man has gone to fight (yet). This means that there is a vibrant nightlife here, mainly those not fighting, as well as the ladies who stayed in the country.

This sadly may change as the Ukraine starts to desperately need more soldiers, but for now at least it does still exist, although there is technically a midnight curfew and one enforced much more in Kiev than Lviv.

The 5 Best Bars in Kyiv in 2023

Best Bars in Kyiv  – Strip Clubs

I will not single out any one club, but amazingly there are still strip clubs doing roaring business throughout the country. Sadly as most women have left this largely means the dregs, things being more expensive and having to “day walk” due to the curfew…….

Bar Number 4 – Hutsal Beer from Carpathian

A bar I merely walked past rather than go in, but one which the locals love. As y9ou might guess they are big on Eastern Eueopran brews.

Bar Number 3 – Drunken Cherry

I actually went here on my birthday and was treated to a bunch of shots. Famous for their homemade liquor, as well as would you guess it their cherry wine! A great street side location and wonderful welcoming people.

Best Bar in Kyiv Runner-up! –  – Wonderbar

A very close second and maybe should have been first. This is the sister to the old Hospital Bar in Kiev that I used to love so much. What makes this place so great? They serve plates of fat and will put you in a target jacket and set your head on fire. See video below….

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And the best Bar in Kyiv is!!! Sao Miguel

Am I being bias? Well this bar is owned by good friend who is from Brazil. He has managed to keep this open through Covid-19, as well as war, a mean feat. Not to mention that, but he has also been helping the war cause, as well as using his bar as a shelter.

In the summer this is standing room only both iswndei and out, and as well as draft beer that have great cocktails. .

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