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Best Cocktails in Vigan at Hotel Luna

Cocktails in Vigan

Need to get your drink on down and deep in the Philippines? Well lucky for you we have found the best cocktails in Vigan.

We will though add that this was discovered by mistake, with a bar deciding to close over Easter leading us to the finest cocktails Vigan has to offer.

What the Vigan?

A soonish colonial era town that tourists flock to for the architecture, Vigan has an air of Cuba about it, particularly Trinidad. Alas this does not mean that cocktails are good, or a plenty.

Previously there was a Vigan craft beer scene at Calle Bar, but that is either permanently closed, or at least closed for the holiday. I do though hope it reopens at some point, but we shall see.

Fate though, or rather lack of beer would lead us to stroll and find something to drink, this led us to Hotel Luna

Best cocktails in Vigan at Hotel Luna

The Philippines can be quite ropy when it comes to cocktails, with places like Manila Hotel being outliers. Kn Vigan the Hotel Luna, or Luna Hotel is such an outlier.

The setting here is an old school hotel with an oiled school bar on a colonial street from where great cocktails are expertly crafted. On this point as a former bartender on cruise ships I am a real stickler – classic cocktails should be made classically and served in the right glass.

And on all of the above they delivered a million fold, with our group and me having everything from Old Fashioned’s to Negronis, Margaritas and to my delight Long Island Iced Tea.

The best of the bunch though was the Milky Way Cocktail, which teased quite literally exactly like a Milky Way chocolate bar, ironically something you cannot buy in the Philippines….

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Hotel Luna Address;

De Los Reyes St,

Vigan City,

Ilocos Sur

Republic of Philippines

On the road south of the main square and directly parallel to the main street.