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Best Guilin Train Station Hotel – Lavande Hotel

Guilin Train Station Hotel

Guilin Railway Station is a great hub for further travel in both Guangxi and the wider region. This makes staying here overnight often a must. If this is the case for you then Lavande Hotel is probably the best value in the area.

And what an area it is, or at least was. The nightlife around Guilin Train Station may heave mellowed a bit, but it is still eclectic. You will find plenty of street food here, shops that are open all night and massage parlors if that is your thing.

The station is also fairly close to the Li River and all of the other scenic spots within Guilin.

Lavande Hotel

The hotel is quite literally located opposite the train station, but this is not as convenient as it sounds with its location necessitating having to cross the road. Now while that is not that much if a hassle it does mean that there are better placed hotels at Guilin Rahway Station.

Lavande Hotel Address

64 Shangzi Lane

South Zhongshan Road

Xiangshan District



Peoples Republic of China

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Rooms and cost

This is a very middle of the road 3 star type hotel with the rooms representing this. And while most of the rooms are the same, try to avoid ground floor without a window.

Rooms start at $28 and go up to $45 for there suite. Not the best value or location in the area, with other places such as Comfort Inn and Ocean Hotel offering rooms from just $15.

Friendly staff and a clean safe environment are what sets this place apart.

Around the Lavande Hotel

There are a bunch of 24 hour shops, as well as a whole heap of Guilin style restaurants. These have the pictures of the dishes on the wall in case your Chinese is not up to much.

There are also a smattering of massage joints in what can only be described as a throwback to yesteryear….