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Street Food Guilin Railway Station

Street Food Guilin

When it comes to dining options you really can’t beat and old school Chinese Train Station, particularly in comparison with the new high speed options. So, what is the street food Guilin scene like?

Formerly Guilin Train Station was the train station for Guilin and linked the tourist city to major hubs like Beijing. Alas it did not link to Shenzhen, which meant that back in the day I would have to take the sleeper bus, or when going north a 24 hour train.

This all changed with the opening of Guilin North Railway Station, which also created a fast link to Yangshuo, which I will deal with later……

Back in the day Guilin Railway Station was infamous for not just having great food, but also its very eclectic nightlife which included what were formerly known as “pink shops”. These were where a gentleman would go to be with a lady. For the most part these have now gone, but there are still remnants of them.

Hotels around Guilin Railway Station

Being such a big and important train station there is an absolute plethora of hotels around. This is one of the rare places that you are probably best of walking in and getting a deal on the spot, rather than using

For the first time I personally stayed at Lavande Hotel, which is quite literally opposite the train station in Guilin. It was OK ad with a great location although perhaps a tad overpriced when compared with the completion in the area. At a push I would say that the Comfort Inn, which also around best restaurants and street food is probably the best bet if you are staying.

Generally there is a bit more life around here than at Guilin North Railway Station meaning that is possible it is best to take your Yangshuo train from here.

Street Food Guilin Railway Station

When you come out of Guilin Railway Station if you head right you will immediately be met by the taxi spivs, seemingly unaware that tourists can now access the internet. After these have been dodged you will treated by a while world of stuff, stuff that stays open for most of the night. He there are a whole heap of hotels, as well as regular restaurants, late restaurants and a smattering of street food.

The best place fro eating around Guilin Railway Station is the first back street next to the Railway Station. Here you will find numerous restaurants that for the most part serve Guangxi and Guilin cuisine. Prices vary depending on what you want to get, but this is not exactly budget dining.

One top tip here though is to try the Guangxi style moonshine/paiawara made from fruit. This rice wine derivative costs just 5 RMB, or 70 cents and is served in a huge glass. Super strong, great bang for your buck and similar to the hooch on Railway Street in Hanoi.

Street BBQ at Guilin Railway Station

Back in the day and perhaps tellingly when there were ladies working the streets this area was a Chinese BBQ, or Kou Roy heaven. Sadly this all seems to have gone now, although there are a number of late night restaurants on both sides of the road that serve regular dishes.

If though you are hankering for some street meat, there is at least one shop/stall that is selling classic Xinjiang meat on a stick for 10 RMB, or $1.50. They were also selling Chicken burgers, but I was not brave enough to attempt one.

Hopefully I will find some street BBQ before I continue on the journey to the Old DMZ Bar.