Best Hotel in Pasay – Selah Garden Hotel

Selah Garden Hotel

I accidentally discovered the Selah Garden Hotel last year when simply trying to find a hotel near to Manila Airport. I had forgotten about the place until needing a hotel for a tour this year, since finding it not just to be greatly improved, but also probably the best hotel in Pasay.

What the Pasay?

Pasay is a pretty damned boring part of Manila, but it does have one very good and golden quality, it is basically where the airports are. Now if you know anything about the traffic in Manila this is very much godsend.

This also means that it is near enough to bars and nightlife of Ermita, as well as the Best Cocktails in Manila at the Manila Hotel. There are also dodgy KTV’s and of course Pasay Street Food, which we shall indulge a bit later.

What is the Selah Garden Hotel?

Seemingly part of the wider Selah Group, which also includes the not so near, but also in Pasay Selah Lofts, and Selah Pods. I have stayed in both of these and they are not all that great, do not confuse them as the pictures are the same almost online, particularly of the swimming pool.

The Selah Garden Hotel though is seemingly the crux of the group and where the best rooms, pool and indeed the entertainment are.

Selah Garden Hotel Rooms

Rooms here start from about $25 and go up to $100, with it varying deepening on time of year, week and availability. From what I have seen this place is popular for staycations, as well as weddings and birthday parties – this also helps the whole nightlife seen.

Standard rooms are basic, with the lofts having the feel of almost a self contained apartment. This is not the Hilton, nor in fairness is it pretending to be one.

What are the facilities at the Selah Garden Hotel?

There’s a bar and restaurant obviously, but also a heap of other leisure activities that make this much more than just a stuffy hotel. Firstly there’s the swimming pool at Selah Garden which is immaculately kept, as well as having a lifeguard….

It is also open until 10 pm officially, but unofficially party people can use it later. Crazily there is also a climbing wall, a biplane and a bunch of other activities you would not expect from a hotel of such exquisite value.

Party wise they have function rooms, as well as a KTV which is why so many people host parties here. Merely being foreign is sally enough to be invited into a party at Selah Gardens Hotel.

Eating and drinking at Selah Garden Hotel

The restaurant here is extremely good, with a varied menu mostly consisting oc western food and classic Flipping cuisine. Mt favorite dish on the menu was the pork and squid, with the squid being filled with cheese.

Breakfast wise they have a buffet at the weekends, but sadly not all the time and this would be the only area lacking in any way.

And then there’s the nightlife! If there’s not a party then there are often live bands, or just simply a good old fashioned disco where the staff are just as eager to party as the guests are. But, it is loud off care for such things.

Street Food Pasay and at the Selah Garden Hotel

Another Easter Egg here is that the place is next to the Park Avenue Apartments, which for whatever reason makes it very busy with people coming in and out. I honestly have no idea what goes on in there, but it means that street food vendors are out in force.

There’s sour mango, Filipino BBQ, a bunch of other cool stuff and of course the legend that is Balut.

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This is accompanied by a Chinese store, another 24 hour store, as well as a 7-11 (YES) that not only 24 hour, but always buzzing with life no mater what the time or weather.

Selah Garden Hotel is the best hotel in Pasay, the best budget hotel near the airport and was the perfect foil for the art of our Palawan Tour.