Best Restaurant in Sagada – Maries Yoghurt Place

Best restaurant in Sagada

When picking the best restaurant in Sagada I insist in a few things, chief among them being that it is open. Therefore I can now attest that The Yoghurt House Sagada is now not only no longer best, but that Maries Yoghurt Place is now the boss.

How did the Yoghurt House lose its crown? By turning away 10 customers rather than cook them dinner. And not only that, but also being a bit attitudes about the shebang.

So, long story short avoid. The Yoghurt House Sagada and instead go to Maries Yoghurt Place.

What the Sagada?

I wont go into crazy details about this place, other than say that it is part of Mountain Province, of which Bontoc is capital and that you see hanging coffins here.

It is also a key part of our Extreme Philippines Tour, as well as being quite near to the tattoos of Whang Od.

What the Maries Yogurt Place?

Located next to Slabhouse Sagada (good beers), opposite a wine shop and not all that far from the Yoghurt House, this is an easy place to find on Sagada’s main party street.

Regardless though I shall still provide their address, just in case.

Address of Marie’s Yoghurt Place;

3WM2+952, South Rd, Sagada, Mountain Province, Philippines

Food and ambiance at Maries Yoghurt Place

Much like the now maligned Yoghurt House, Maries Yoghurt Place serves both Yoghurt and regular food. Alas disputer seethe cookies and cream yoghurt, I did not try it as I was full from eating a whole cheesecake.

In fairness to Sagada cuisine, what it lacks in restaurant food it certainly gives back in artisanal style cakes!

The menu here while not being out of this world had a good mixture of foreign, local and indeed Sagada delights to choose from. This included a deep fried pork chop, sweet potato fries, and different breakfast, soft and “heavy meals”.

I personally went for the lamb chop, which being deep fried was a bit of a let down, whilst my colleague went for creamy yogurt pasta. This owned more to Jolibee than Italy, but was rather good.

My personal best though was given to the “chips” which were made from potato, not sweet potato and came with salt and vinegar. I really do not ask a lot from life.

It was also served with love by the mother and daughter duo, who also offered a shop selling drinks, cigarettes and even Soju, although alas not Smirnoff Soju.

And it is for these reasons that I decree Maries Yoghurt Place the Best Restaurant in Sagada!