Best Steak in Angeles – Swiss Chalet

Swiss Chalet

Over many years I have walked past Swiss Chalet to other cleaner looking destinations without venturing in. Well it turns out that this might have been a mistake, as their steak and rooms are quite nice.

Of course I had previously heard of Swiss Chalet from when I lived in Canada. In Canada Swiss Chalet was a franchise middle of the road restaurant where people would go for a “treat” I know this as I went as a treat. Overall it was overpriced, overrated shit, but that was not my chief complaint, with that being about how Canadians say Swiss Chalet.

Why do Canadians say Swiss Chalet so funny? Well because they have a free French people in Canada they for some reason say it like “swish LA”. Which is what I actually thought it was called. Canadians can be quite pretentious.

This is not the same Swiss Chalet.

Swiss Chalet Angeles

Swiss Chalet Angeles has followed the same tried and tested Asian model of just copying someone else’s website, which I think is pretty funny. They have placed said hotel and restaurant just a stones throw from the whole AC party.

This puts it around truly classy joints like Wild Orchid and Scorebirds. They earn the chalet element by actually having rooms here.

Swiss Chalet Address: A. Santos Street, corner Real St, Balibago, Angeles, 2009 Pampanga, Philippines

Best Steak in Angeles at Swiss Chalet

OK, so I am sure that this is not the best steak in Angeles, but its probably the best Angeles City steak by walking street and the bars.

How do they do this? Well by having 6 different cuts and having pretty much every steak topping you could want, which as the garlic butter, peppercorn and the like. These were so good that I quite literally ordered one for the teak and one for me to drink. And the price? Just 890 PHP, or under $15. I remember when I might have balked at such a price, but these are changing times.

The rooms were indeed OK., with $30 getting you a small room and just $50 getting you one of the two suites. Next stop Ermita.