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Best Value Hotels in China – Super 8 Hotels

Best Value Hotels in China - Super 8 Hotels

If you are traveling around China on a budget then the top bottom end chain is Super 8 Hotels, who are available throughout the country. Not only that, but they have a common dull theme, and are indeed cheap.

What the Super 8 Hotels?

Super 8 Hotels are the same theory as Red Doorz in the Philippines, or indeed a Travel Lodge in the UK. That is you get a cheap room, but that you can for the most part expect the same quality.

Super 8 Hotels are in most parts of China, but are more popular in the big cities of the country, where you need a cheap option that is OK. In the countryside, or indeed in the cities of China there are some really cheap hotels, most of which are frankly not that nice….

What can you expect from a Super 8 Hotel in China?

Prices depend a bit on which city you are in, but range from $15 up, usually being around the 30 mark. Rooms here are simply, but include everything other Chinese hotels give, which is slippers and a kettle. Do not forget Chinese people love hot water more than anything.

There is a TV in the room, but with no English channels. There is also wide providing Chinese internet, which of course is censored. They do though have clean beds and bathrooms, which is a good thing in China.

Super 8 Hotel Sanlitun

One of the best things about Super 8’s though is that they are everywhere and usually in great locations. We recently found this through the gem that was Super 8 by Sanlitun and the Workers Stadium in Beijing.

For context this had us quite literally opposite a Holiday Inn, BUT also within reach of Chinese 7-11. Overall great location and fairly perfect if you need a cheap place in the party district of Beijing.