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Best Western Restaurant in Kampong Chhnang – Glorify Cafe

Best Western Restaurant in Kampong Chhnang - Glorify Cafe

Lets just say that Kampong Chhnang is not exactly Las Vegas, so when you need a western, or a vegetarian option your choices are few. We did though fund Glorify Cafe, Kampong Chhnang, which just about did the job.

For the initiated Kampong Chhnang is just north of Phnom Penh and is a very very rural town and province. We personally came here to check out Kampong Chhnang Airport, which was built using slave labour by the Khmer Rouge.

What the Kampong Chhnang Town

As with most provinces within Cambodia the capital has the same name of the province itself, so in the interests of this article we are talking about Kampong Chhnang Town.

Said town has little to offer to tourists save the mostly unknown dark tourism spots, as well as the loading villages. Said villages are not exactly like the tourist ones you find it Siem Reap, but they are still “Vietnamese”. Around them are numerous markets, as well as some Kampong Chhnang Street Food options.

It was here quite literally a a food truck where I had some Pong Tia kun a Khmer dish similar to balut that honestly still never fails to impress me.

In fact it looked overall like street food Kampong Chhnang actually had quite a lot to offer, with there being many Khmer BBQ joints, as well as all off the other classics.

Alas though we were on the Cambodian Dark Tourism Tour and had to deal with a vegetarian. Lets just say that rural Cambodia is not very vegetarian friendly.

Glorify Cafe Kampong Chhnang

So, off we drove in search of a restaurant that would serve western and or vegetarian food. Alas as we drove through Kampong Chhnang Town there did not seem to be much on offer, until we spotted Glorify Cafe.

The place had great parking, as well as AC, both important factors in our choice. They also it quickly appeared had a great menu, which included sandwiches and the like, so we immediately ordered.

Alas the waitress informed us she was also the chef, so there would be no sandwiches today. In her defense this was deep into Khmer New Year, so allowanced were given.

We did though end up randomly with doughnuts, which while not exactly being that adventurous at least did not have any meat in them. They also had great juices, as well as a shaved ice “Halo Halo” type dish reminiscent of Paoay within the Philippines.

So, while Glorify Cafe Kampong Chhnang might not be the best restaurant in the world, it may well be the best western restaurant in Kampong Chhnang.