Big Boy Burger Siem Reap – The Best In Town?

Big Boy Burger Siem Reap

Rewriting my food blog means a few good things, such as revisiting some of my favourite restaurants, which is why I am at Big Boy Birger Siem Reap. Is it the best burger in Siem Reap though?

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What is the Big Boy Siem Reap Story?

If you think you have already heard of Big Boy Burger then that is because you have. This is an American franchise, but thankfully trademarks mean little in Cambodia, so this place just took the name.

In actuality it is, or rather was made by the same owners as Laundry Burger in Kampot, but there is already a Laundry Cafe in Siem Reap, so no nice. Laundry Burger was at least the best burger restaurant in Kampot, but alas after a divorce these two restaurants are no longer related.

Big Boy Siem Reap first entered the scene in 2020, and from the looks of things and according to the owner are doing OK.

Where is Big Boy Burger Siem Reap?

It is located just over the bridge from Bar Street and ironically literally next to Hard Rock Cafe, also famous for its burgers. Alas this joint has since closed its doors. Yes we will be writing about them at some point.

The restaurant itself is pretty smile and with the tables outside could maybe cope with 30 people on a good day, but this does not take anything away from how good it is.

What is the Big Boy Burger Siem Reap menu?

The class of this joint comes from its menu. If you like an array of burgers then Big Big Siem Reap has by far the widest range. There are some real classics here such as the “Big Boy Burger”, which comes with 2 patties, 2 cheese, 2 bacon onion rings and one spicy jalapeños, a huge burger for a whopping $11.

Another favourite of mine would be the “death by cheeseburger”, weighing in at $9 and literally being layered with cheese. All told there are 20 burger varieties on the menu, with the lower end costing just $3.50. When it comes to range of burgers in Siem Reap even Burger King cannot hold a candle.

Aside from burgers they have decent wings, sandwiches and supposedly expanding to have fish and chips and even surf and turk. I cannot as of now comment on these new additions.

Drinks wise they have all the cheap local beers, not to mention a fairly decent and well priced cocktail list. The ambience might not be for the kind of place you want to stay drinking at, but for drinks with a meal this hits all the right spots.

What is Big Boy Burger Siem Reap like?

I have previously tried most pf the menu, including the standard burger, as well as the “Death By Cheese”, but in the interests of todays article I will keep it real by going for the “Big Boy Burger”.

How to describe the Big Boy Burger of Siem Reap? Fucking epic and do big it is literally impossible to finish it after picking it up. Yes the street food guy believes that once you pick up a burger it should not be put down until it is finished.

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Was it worth $11, I would say so, and I would also add that all of these burgers are worth the money. If you are looking for an artist burger then this is the place to get one.

Is Big Boy Burger the best in Siem Reap? For this I would probably say that Jungle Burger still slightly has the edge, but Big Boy Siem Reap should definitely be in your dining itinerary when you visit here.