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Budget Yanji – The Haiyou Hotel

Haiyou Hotel

It was only a few weeks ago that going to China, or North Korea had seemed out of the question, but things changed and I ended up at the Haiyou Hotel, Yanji. This was of course after trips to Beijing and Dandong, but with the same aim – getting ready for North Korea.

Thew first parts of our trip had been both fun and indeed useful, with us visiting the Mansundae Arts Studio and getting a tentative date for the reopening of North Korea. We also got news from Dandong that perhaps Sinuiju would also be opening soon.

The last stop on this mission would be the Yanji Korean Autonomous Prefecture, the gateway to Rason.

What the Haiyou Hotel?

I did not pick this hotel for any other reason than I had wanted to stay at the LiuJing Hotel on Xining Lu a North Korean joint around much entertainment. Alas I could not book it online, so got somewhere near.

The reason I could not book it online was because it has now closed, but at least we found the street was still there.

HaiYou Hotel Address;

Xining Road

Yanji West Market Store

Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture


Peoples Republic of China

Technically it should be say to find as it is downtown Yanji, but our taxi driver certainly struggled….

It cost about 30 RMB, or $4 from Yanji West Railway Station.

HaiYou Hotel Yanji Facilities

It is one of those weird hotels that starts on the 11th floor and then goes up. Despite this though it is a bit of a Tardis, with restaurants, a laundry room and seemingly rooms with no real use.

The staff here were very welcoming and we were offered water on arrival. And the rooms? For context they were $20 a night, but would have cost $50+ in Beijing. Therefore I can deem this probably the best value budget hotel for downtown Yanji. Of course if you go to the boonies things get cheaper.

And entertainment? Well the North Korean hotel might be gone, but Xining Lu still has “North Korean Houses” and Soju – what more could you want….