Can you visit Islamic State in 2024?

Can you visit Islamic State in 2024? Technically no you cannot, but you can visit the former state of Islamic State by following the rules of engagement.

I will add that this is a frivolous article about travel, I will be writing lots about Rojava and against ISIS in other articles for other publications.

What was Islamic State?

The Islamic State was an extremely Extreme Islamic state that there has almost been nothing else similar. Some thigh do argue that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia rather than even the Taliban was its closest brethren.

It practiced sex slaves, beheadings and other horrible acts before it was stomped out by Syrians and Kurds in 2017. This was really not long ago. Few foreigners that were not fighting made it here, save one journalist who came in.

Islamic State, ISIS – Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, ISIS – Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, as well as Daesh are used. Do not say Daesh it not an offensive term to them and as a non local person you will look pretentious. It is simply the Arabic acronym.

During its time in power it held huge swaths of Syria and Iraq which included major cities like Aleppo as well as knocking on the door of Damascus and even Lebanon.

How can you visit Islamic State in 2024?

As per our rules on visiting former states you will have to visit every polity that currently exists that was in the former state.

In this sentence it means going to the former parts of Federal Iraq, such as Tikrit that were in Islamic State, but also those in Syria and Rojava.

In mainland Syria the most important of these would be Aleppo, particularly to view the carnage that was brought by the death cult.

Syria though is now split into at least 2 main zones, one of which is Rojava which includes the former capital of Raqqa. Getting here is not east, but is certainly possible if you have the right connections.

Therefore if you visit these three political areas you can say that you have visited there former Islamic State.