Can you visit Rojava in 2024?

visit Rojava

Can you visit Rojava, or more specifically the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria in 2024? The simple answer is that yes it is possible, but that it is not currently open for tourists.

Have I been to Rojava? Well of course I have, but then I am far from just a regular tourist.

What the Rojava?

Rojava, or as we have previously stated “The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria” is a region of would you guess North and East Syria that enjoys a considerable amount of autonomy.

That though is the very simplistic answer as in fact said autonomy was not only hard fought, but in part was linked to their defeat of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria circa 2017.

Said autonomy though is not only extremely unique, but also hardly recognized by anyone. What the actual political system is is up for debate, but many feel it to be the only anarchist “state” in the world, in particular anarchist-syndicalist. Officially at least though they follow Democratic Confederalism as espoused by Kurd Abdullah Ocalan.

It is now without doubt a leftist region, the only one almost entirely ran by the Kurds and potentially the most interesting political experiment there is today, save the Principality of Islandia.

You can read more about Rojava here.

What does this mean in practical terms?

Islamic State were only defeated by the Kurds in 2017, a mere 7 year ago meaning that there is not all that much that they have been able to implement. When we visited Rojava though were at least able to see some of their achievements.

This includes one of the most progressive gender equality policies in not just the region, but also the entire world. In this case it involves all enterprises having both a male and a female manager, both of whom must sign off on policy. This might seem a small move, but seeing such a heavy female presence in not just offices, but even with the Peshmerga (Kurdish military) is a great thing to see.

And it is not just this, but also women’s refuge centers, work programs, and new schools and real multiculturalism that show just how forward thinking the Rojava project is.

How can you visit Rojava in 2024

Visiting Rojava in 2024 is almost impossible with tourism not only not promoted, but for all intents not allowed. This means that those visiting are usually NGO’s, media, or on left-wing cultural exchanges.

As such it also involves a huge amount of paperwork, as well as pretty much being invited. You will not find information in how to visit Rojava, nor of people that can help you online. For all intents you have to be “in the know”.

From my point of view visiting Rojava was easier than it would be for other people as I was “in the know”. With local support and help from Pioneer Media and War Travels I bought in a group of journalist and political activists through Eastern Angle.

This is not to say that my political beliefs completely were or are completely aligned with that of the publication, but they are certainly leftists in many ways.

Getting here of course involves coming via Iraqi Kurdistan, with getting a few beers at Buffalo Wings and Rings being an absolute must when you visit.

Should you visit Rojava and can I help?

Should you visit Rojava and is it worth visiting Rojava in 2024? This pretty much depends greatly on you and what you yourself are interested in. For me personally I am extremely interested in the Rojava project. The fact that we also got to see amazing, but harrowing sites such as Raqqa were but bonuses.

I also have a particular interest in Kurdish history and culture, with these people being some of the most ill treated in modern history. Therefore now seeing them thriving in Rojava in the face of Islamic, Syrian and even Iraqi Kurdish opposition is pure testament to their unique character.

Can I help you visit Rojava? Yes, I can, so long as you wish to go for the right reasons…..