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#ColaQuest WTF is Green Coke

Green Coke

It was on one of my whirlwind trips around the globe from Cambodia to Svalbard and onto Kiev that I discovered Green Coke. I was in Krakow at the time, with my only real cultural trip being to McDonalds and the corner store.

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Corner stores in Poland are pretty impressive, covering all the main food groups from hot-dogs to vodka and of course soft-drinks. Being the #ColaQuest obsessive that I am there was no way I could walk past a Pineapple Pepsi and a GREEN coke without trying it!

What is #ColaQuest?

ColaQuest is my invention, or at least that is story I am sticking with. It is similar to #FantaQuest, although the later tends to be concentrated on the different flavours of Fanta. #ColaQuest in contrast is more about trying different colas, but if I see the very rare occurrence of a flavoured one, well I am gonna be all about it!

The Green Coke cost about a dollar and coming in a green can I was not sure if it would actually be green, or was simply flavoured. The can duly explained that it was “lime coke”,  something that theoretically would work very well when you consider the “Cuba Libre”.

So, Green Coke AKA Lime Coke

The Green Coke along with the Pineapple Pepsis were duly taken to my dank hotel room in Krakow, obviously accompanied by vodka, from where I would give it a good seeing to!

So what does Green Coke taste like? I had high hopes for lime infused coke, after all Cherry Coke is tantamount to an institution, but lime coke was overall a bit of letdown. In essence it was too heavy ion the lime and too light on the coke. This clearly showed why it was a gimmick, rather than an actual sensation of any kind.

And was green cola actually green? Alas unlike clear Coke, to Pepsi, Green Coka was in fact brown and as nature intended, which I am not sure if I was happy, or sad about.

The Green Coke Liquor Test

So, here’s where it gets not only interesting, but is the main part of any #ColaQuest scientific test. How does Green Coke go with liquor? Well all I had to put it with was Polish Vodka, but I have to say that I was extremely impressed, not only did it go down a storm, buut it almost mellowed the lime element. In fact it was almost as if this was designed for cocktails.

I did not have any rum, but if I had it would have made a great Cuba Libre!

Overall Green Coke, or Lime Coke won’t change your world and is likely to remain a fad on the fringes of the cola universe, but it is also not all that bad and for me at least gets a 7/10 on #ColaQuest

Next stop Pineapple Pepsi……