Weird Resorts – Diamond Bay Condotell

Diamond Bay Condotell Nha Trang

I am usually a creature of habit when I book hotels, but with it being Lunar New Year I was forced to be a bit more adventurous while visiting Nha Trang. This lead me to the slightly out of the way Diamond Bay Condotel.

As things I am currently unsure exactly what I think about the place, other than that it is both equally nice and weird at the very same time.

Why the Diamond Bay Condotel?

Located 14km from Nha Trang Railways station it takes 15 minutes and about $7 to get here. Why go so out of the way? Well it was offering 2 bedrooms apartments for $40 a night, good value however you translate it.

Also with to being Lunar New Year it is away from the hustle and bustle of the big smoke and much cheaper than other options.

What the Diamond Bay Condotel?

The address of the Doamind Bay Condotel is;

Thôn Phước

Hạ Xã Phước Đồng Tp Nha Trang,

Tỉnh, Khánh Hòa


So, 15 minutes from town, but the journey does not stop on arrival….

Facilities at Diamond Bay Condotel

Theres a great pool, complimentary breakfast, a river and even a private beach. The problem is though that whole resort, which almost looks like a residential ghost town is fucking huge.

This means that you pretty much have to wait for golf buggies that work like minibuses to get you around, all very good, but it is also quite easy to get lost, stuck in the rain, or find that when they come past they are full. For context I would put this hotel at about 20% occupancy, with it really having a “The Shining” feel to it.

What makes the Diamond Bay Condotel so weird?

This was obviously built with great ideas before Coronavirus, but has had to wind itself in since. Prices here are so cheap you winder if it s sustainable, with most customers being local, or Chinese.

At times it feels like you are on the Island of Dr Moreau, with escape being impossible.

Said weirdness though is only amplified by the fact that it has also been built quite literally next to another old abounded hotel that I am fairly fairly sure is quite simply haunted.

Nothing says dodgy like a neighboring building with smashed windows, as well as beat up abandoned vans.

Weird though does not always mean bad and this is somewhere I would certainly consider staying again.