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Dim Sum Avenue Cambodia – 2022 Guide

Dim Sum Avenue Cambodia

Not a sweet with amazing Cantonese food, but rather a cheap Cambodian franchise that can found throughout the land. We make the case for the Dim Sum Avenue restaurant in Cambodia.

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What is Five Star Avenue Cambodia?

If you Google Dim Sum Avenue Cambodia you will get results about where to get the best Dim Sum in Cambodia. I can say but this, it is not at Dim Sum Avenue.

This beast is one of the many Cambodian franchises that range from soda shops to fried chicken joints that are franchises cheap enough for not so wealthy Khmer to be able to afford. You will principally find them at rest stops and in the boonies of Cambodia. It might not be earth shattering, but they do a decent job, which I will get to in a bit.

What is the Dim Sum Avenue Menu?

Well would you Adam and Eve it, but Dim Sum? Yeah, but before you get too excited think less fine Shenzhen cuisine and more the type of dumplings you get at a 7-Eleven, except you can’t get them at 7-11 Cambodia.

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I can though confirm having taken a picture of their menu that they technically offer 17 different types of dumpling, steamed bun and all other kinds of crazy stuff. Theres even one dumpling that simply has the McDonalds sign on it. Obviously that is the one I had to try, but alas they were out of stock, not just of that, but in fact of most of the Dim Sum Avenue Menu.

What is the food like at Dim Sum Avenue Cambodia?

With the menu whittled own what you ed up getting usually is the minced pork smudged together and surrounded by a yellow thing. I am sure in Hong Kong this has a name, but here it is just the “what’s available” item served with sit sauce.

And how doe sit taste? Again we are not in Hong Kong, so we need to judge this on local standards. It is pretty greasy, but ar $2.50 you get greta big plate of meaty starch.

And the best place for some Dim Sum on Dim Sum avenue? Well that would be at the rest stop between Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. Again it might not be world beating, but it does beat bugs, or overpriced noodle soup.

This place won’t change your life, but it ranks as one of the Cambodian fast foods when you are traveling through the country.