Dusk Till Dawn Ermita

Dusk Till Dawn Ermita

While I have already covered the nightlife of Ermita, there is one bar that truly stands out from the rest and that is Dusk Till Dawn Bar down on the main stretch.

For the uninitiated Ermita used to be a main nightlife spot for Manila including gems like the Hobbit House, but was essentially decimated by Covid-19.

Sadly this meant many a gem was lots, but at least a few survived, as well as new places, such as Dusk Till Dawn.

Dusk Till Dawn Address and contact

668, Ermita, Manila, 1000, Metro Manila

Dusk Till Dawn Bar, Address

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To sum up it is pretty near the legend that is LA Cafe, but without the grimeā€¦..

The Dusk Till Dawn Vibe

Firstly the food here is not only really good, but part of a huge menu. The owner is a relatively young woman and they let you smoke inside – always a bonus in Manila.

Aside from this there is also a pool table, as well as an outside area with a bouncer.

What though makes Dusk Till Daen the coolest bar in Ermita though is that it has great music pretty much every night, with the bank happy to play requests, off course if you tip them. This has of course led me and the Vengaboys to be on stage more than once.

And lastly there is the staff who are always up for a shot, or a dance, as well as having the common sense to actually remember what the regular punters like to order.

Ermita might not be what it once was, but at least there is still one bar with good craic.