The Great Egg Proma Cambodian Omelet

Egg Proma

I remember when I first moved to Cambodia and heading out find some local food. All f it had such great names, which was what led me into trying an Egg Proma. So, what is an egg proma?

An egg proma is a Khmer style omelet that comes with various ingredients, that is sally served with pork, or slated fish.

It truly does amaze me not only how unknown Cambodian cuisine, but also how underrated and eclectic it is. Influences are many and include China. Vietnam, Thailand and even little old France – and it was from all of these that one assumes this dish was born.

Photo: បាយស្លឹកចេក

What the egg proma?

So, we have established that this is a regional variation of an omelet, but what is it that makes this an egg proma? Well it usually comes with green peppers, spring onion and khmer pepper.

It is also often served with the popular slated fish, usually from a variation of cod, but of which the fish can be substituted, alternatively and as I prefer you serve it with ground pork. That is the “best” egg proma.

How does Egg proma taste?

So, egg proma is not a whole meal, but rather a dish to accompany a bigger meal. You then have it with your other dishes, such as raw oyster, fried frog, or all manor of other Khmer delicacies that you get with Khmer cuisine.

Taste wise it is like a normal omelet that you might get at home, but minus the cheese, the butter and plus a whole heap of spice. It is not so spicy that it will kill you, but you would not like it for your breakfast either.

And while you would usually have this as part of wider street food, or restaurant meal, you can also have it delivered by companies such as Nham24,

And that is the skinny with Egg Proma. Not revolutionary, but another great Khmer dish to ass to the list.