#FantaQuest – Fanta Creaming Soda

Fanta Creaming Soda

Some people travel the world without a purpose, not me I travel the world on #FantaQuest, and my most recent discovery? Fanta Creaming Soda.

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Where did you find Fanta Creaming Soda?

I actually regionally dickered it back in 2017 in the Solomon Islands, but well I duly forgot about it. Most recently I rediscovered it in Papua New Guinea.

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A definite popular one on the #FantaQuest trail and certainly one of the most unique ones we have found. There is also a local version of “Creaming Sods”, so this seems like it might be Tok Pisin, or at least a regional thing.

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So what is Creaming Soda?

So, what is Creaming Soda, or rather Fanta Creaming Soda? Well let me get one thing out of the way first. There are some words that should just not be used. Most and gusset are two of these words. Creaming has now even added to this list.

As for what it is the taste is unsparingly a bit like cream soda, which of course will get it’s own article at some point. The difference though at least from what I can tell is that creaming soda is pink rather than clear and from what I can initially tell a bit sweater than the British variety. Good though at least.

What is the difference between cream soda and creaming soda?

The difference seems to be mostly in language with both creaming soda and cream soda being from the same family. In my experience though cream soda tends to be less sweet and clear, while creaming soda is sweeter and often pinkish. 

Can you mix Fanta creaming soda with alcohol?

Well as the video events suggests I actually got to try this, although I did it with local brand Gold Spot Creaming Soda. Actually not all that bad at least with vodka, or even firewater, but then again you have to go really wrong to find something that wont mesh with either of those tastes.

As to why creaming soda?Alas there is no evidence, but I am just gonna assume it is but merely a bastardisation of cream soda, done so due to Pidgeon English.

#FantaQuest – Fanta Creaming Soda Score

A good solid 6/10, which whilst it might seem low, is actually quite high in the overall FantaQuest Universe. It does a job, but I wont travel back to PNG just to have the stuff again