Flavored Bai Jiu Hits the shelves

flavoured bai jiu

Liquor it would appear is always evolving in Asia. Not all that long Aho flavored Soju was a “thing”, now it appears flavored bai jiu might be the new kid on the block.

Is it though a game changer on the same magnitude as its Korean cousin? Well probably not, but at least they are attempting to make it better.

What is Bai Jiu?

I will not dwell on this subject for too long as I have already dealt with it, but bai jiu often erroneously called “Chinese white wine’ is a clear rice liquor popular in China and other east and south east Asian nations.

It is also pretty damned awful, with even the expensive stuff leaving an awful lot to be desired. It cannot be mixed, it cannot go in cocktails and until now at least came in one very very plain flavor.

Flavored Bai Jiu hits the shelves

I first saw flavored Bai Jiu in a store in Xian near to Muslim Street and the Bell Tower. It was 200 ml, or so and cost just over a buck, so I had to buy it. BUT my fear of Bai Jiu is so great that it sat in my room for 5 days as I simply was too scared to even try it.

Then I went out with the YPT old crew for some Xian street BBQ. As the drinks rolled on someone inevitably decided to up things a gear and flavored as well as plain bai jiu came out. And I have to say that it is not all that bad. First up was strawberry, with us also doing mint, as well as a plain version.

What does flavored Bai Jon taste like?

While I said not all that bad that is merely because it took. Something really bad and made it vaguely palatable. Essentially the fruit has been excellently crafted so that it masks the bai jiu only just enough so that it is almost neutral.

This in essence avoids you heaving when it goes down (only just) and gives you a brief whiff of fruit rather than the worst after taste in the world.

And this experience was enough for me to go all out and actually drink the bottle that I purchased. Overall this worked pretty well and I managed to chase it with suan mei tang.

Now is it good enough to be a game changer? Quite simply this is bai jiu trying to copy Jinro Soju, the best selling liquor in the world in order to get the “youth” drinking demographic. In this sense it is not much of a changer, with the new Rio 8% cans seemingly in front here. .

Yet while it is not to a Smirnoff Soju level, quite simply and improvement on bai jiu is a welcome one…..