Football Tours in Cambodia

Football Tours in Cambodia

As the standard of soccer has improved in the Kingdom, so football tours in Cambodia have started to become a thing. Run by myself and a few chaps known as Angkor Sports Tours, the idea is to recreate what we do in the UK and beyond, namely combine beer drinking with watching sport.

How do you start a football tour in Cambodia?

We start out football tours at the bets possible place, namely the Big Easy on Street 172 in Phnom Penh, the best sports bar in Cambodia – at least in my humble opinion and certainly a place I will give a bigger article to at some point.

We keep things fairly simply here by drinking some beers and knocking back some shots, before we jump on the bis to head for the main event.

Football Tours in Phnom Penh – AIA Stadium

The match were due to watch was ISI Dangkor Senchey B vs Angkor City FC in the Cambodian Second Legate, the second-tier on the Cambodian football pyramid, It also just so happens that I am also Director of Football and co-owner of Angkor City FC.

The AIS Stadium, which you can read about here is a new and really impressive stadium that can house up to 3000 fans, although there were a fair few less on a rainy Friday night for the second-tier!

Football Tourds in Cambodia – The VIP Box

As the away team we were gifted a VIP box gratis, which meant we could put on a full spread for our visiting group of fans. This included a bunch of Khmer street food style dishes, as well as lots of cold beer, with the fridge thankfully having been turned on.

And then of course there was the football, with us not only having a greta view from the box, but also being treated to an entertaining match. Alas we were to lose 5-2, but that far form took away from the day out that it it was.

Future sports tours in Cambodia

That is certainly the plan and while it might seem like I have a business idea weekly, this is one I truly think has legs.

Watching football in Cambodia is not only extremely fun, but it is far from the only sport available in the country. If things go well we’d certainly fancy a night out on the Kun Khmer, or even watching Futsal within the Kingdom.

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