Best Value Food on Street 172 – Golden Home Guesthouse

Golden Home Guesthouse

Street 172 in Phnom Penh is one of the best value places for western food in Phnom Penh and chief among these is Golden Home Guest House, right at the top of the street.

Street 172 is one of the most splitting streets in Cambodia with some loving it, other hating it and the rest of us taking it for what it is. For at least the place undeniably offers the best value western food there is.

You can read about Street 172 here.

Cheap western food

Street 172 is for whatever reason really popular with older western guys, this has obviously come about due to the cheap food and drink on offer making it a slightly smaller version of Kampot.

Overall there are lots of cheap restaurants here, with some offer sandwiches for as little as one dollar, not to mention 50 cent beers and 1 dollar vodka sodas.

Golden Home Guesthouse

Situated at the top of Street 172 Golden Home Guesthouse is located on both sides of the street, has a pool table and attracts people wanting cheap beer. They do though also have a huge eclectic menu which has some real gems on it. Of course this includes Khmer food, but you come here for western food. If you want Khmer, go get street food……

Formerly it was popular for those having the munchies after a trip to Dirty Old Sailor.

So, what should you get at Golden Home Guesthouse? One of the first dishes that I had here was a roast dinner for under $5, which was OK and enough to get me more interested, The standout foods that I have had here though are steak and hot dogs. Steak is a funny one in Cambodia inn that you can pay extra for foreign steak or get local for crazy cheap. I recently had a 200 gram steak for $6, while the 150 was just $4.50. Really great and for the money unbeatable.

I also took in a Hot Dog with bacon that was just $3.50 with garlic bread at just 2 bucks. With numerous drinks it was truly hard to spend $15 here.

So, overall the best value food available on Street 172! And perhaps when it comes to western food some of the best value within Phnom Penh.