How to start a paid blog in 2024?

paid blog

Looking on platforms like YouTube, TikTok and the like and you’d be confused for thinking EVERYONE is getting paid to travel or doing a paid blog. In fact I have even had to sack people for having unrealistic expectations. The truth though you really can still start a paid blog and get paid to travel.

But, you will need hard work, perseverance and perhaps most importantly patience if you want to succeed. Here’s my guide on how you can do this in 2024.

How do I know about running a paid blog?

I started my first online business in 2008, namely Young Pioneer Tours and since then I have worked and earn money online. This has been through a number of means, not just my travel agency, such as through Lets Buy and Island, as well a the original incarnation of the Street Food Guy – which I sold for a 5 figure sum.

I have also ran other smaller projects and websites that have since been sold, as well as working for online publications in a role. I jaded been successful at what I profess, and this earring money online.

Currently I have not just Young Pioneer Tours, but also this incarnation of The Street Food Guy, as well as, which is currently a bit of a work in progress, but will concentrate on exactly that – getting paid to travel.

Can you start a paid blog in 2024?

For this I will mainly concentrate on the blogging element, although these should in at least some ways be connected with vlogging on one of the main platforms.

And while many may feel that this is a saturated market (it partly is), that does not mean that there are not still niches people are interested in, avenues that are nor saturated, or that you cannot succeed.

And for this part I will tell you how to do it.

Step 1 – Her an idea and make it unique….

this may seem like stating the cotton picking obvious, but I have had so many people tell me they want to start a paid blog, but not have an idea of what they should do. Worse still I get people “advising me” on what I should do with text and videos.

Not people who have successful businesses you understand, but people who actually know nothing. And the more successful you get the more you will actually find this.

So, you need an idea and this should not be rushed, nor should it be vague. Writing about your “travels” is OK if you already have enough money to ensure you will go to interesting places, but if you are stuck in your 9-5 no one wants to read about your few and far between holidays.

This is why I always say to fund a niche, I am, but it s not just about street food, it is also about my travels, drinks, advice and a whole heap of other antics. And because I was successful in my earlier projects I now get paid to live abroad and travel, thus making blogging easier. Success begets success.

Niches do not have to stop there either with regional things like, as well as super niche things like samurai swords, or cleaning of pools ( have written on both these subjects) also offering great opportunity.

I know of someone writing about bee keeping that does amazingly. And there are niches out there with the readership that have not enough people writing. It all boils down to supply and demand.

A paid blog needs a GREAT domain!

I am not just a BIG fan of great domain names, but I’m bloody good at it and as a side hustle I buy and sell domain names. Some of these I pick up for big money such as, others for cheap such as and, while other still such as,, and I simply found had not ben registered. In short this is an area that I have made money in.

In this arena try where you can to get a com, or at worst a .net. Do not go down .xyg, or even .co AND plays avoid a ccTLD. This means you will need to be creative.

Also get something you can just TELL people, so do not include numbers! See the following example “ – looks cool right? Now imagine telling that to people. I also have, but my company is called Pioneer Media. You need something you can just tell people. For example “The Street Food Guy dot com”.

In this instance do not be afraid to pay for a domain at auction, or looking out for expiring, or expired ones. I have spent a lot of money on the right domains before.

For this I suggest using Dynadot, with whom I have hundreds of domains registered.

You can check them out through my affiliate link .

Get a host for your website

Get ghost and make a website sounds simple right? Well that is because it is! Even if you have like zero money you can get a host for your website for arid $60 a year, with your domain costing $10.

The hosting element is really important here though. IF you want to succeed , do not go down the route of Blogspot, a DOT WordPress account, this is hosting on a Subdomain. If you want hits, use a real domain on a real host. And this also means you get a real email address.

For me personally I simply IGNORE any Gmail, or Hotmail accounts that contact me about business. There is nothing worse than an SEO “expert” emailing from – all that says is that you cant afford 10 bucks….

For this we suggest Bluehost, you can sign up them via my affiliate link.  Not only are they the most well known, but they have the best prices.

Build a website people will visit

For a paid blog to pay you, you will need a website and although this is fairly well stating the obvious, it is where many people get caught. Now if you have the money you can consider paying for someone to make it for you, but if you do not then you can build one.

There are tonnes of free and paid WordPress themes, with WP being the best and easiest way to build a good paid blog. Do nor listen to people who suggest Wix, Wix is for old women with cat websites, it is not designed for anything like serious traffic.

This will take trial and error, but can be done offline and at your own pace. Do not rush it, but do get it right.

Start writing your (eventually) paid blog…..

So, when do you get money? At first money should be the least of your concerns, and all you should think about should be writing. When it comes to blogs content is king and before any SEO, or optimization.

Start by getting into your project, writing and ideally enjoining yourself and as they say the rest will follow.

Until you do this you will not be ready for my next article, how to monetize your blog! Although IF you are really desperate, you can also contact me and get me to coach you on how to make a successful paid blog in 2024.