Is Kampot 7-Eleven any good?

Kampot 7-Eleven

If it seems like 7-Eleven is an obsession of mine that is because quite simply it really is. And that is why I write so much about it. Thus when I saw Kampot 7-Eleven I just had to check it out.

Why obsession with 7-Eleven? Quite simply because it is so great in some many countries, such as Thailand, the Philippines and Hong Kong – Yes I consider Hong Kong a country.

To read about what counts as country click here.

7- Eleven Cambodia

Yet despite 7-Elven being damned awesome when it arrived in Cambodia it was a letdown with it offering few of the same foods, or drinks, often running out of stock or even giving people the shits. My colleague of Pioneer Media recently got the shits after eating the “same food as Thailand”.

And as I said this is when they even have food. I did a TikTok video about this and ended being roasted by Khmer netizens……

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7-Eleven kampot

While I will not crazy and declare Kampot 7-Eleven to be awesome it did seem to be the most legit one I have yet to see within the Kingdom. The drinks section was good, there was a cafe type seating area, they had slurpies and my word they also had food.

And while the selection was not exactly Bangkok and while they also did not heat the food at least it existed. I went for a (cold) chicken pie, which again whilst shit by regional standards was still pie.

So, overall a really greta improvement from the chaps at 7-Eleven, with this joint now feasibly at least part of the food trail in Kampot.

Although with that being said you are also next to some of the best Kampot Street Food, so there is still no need to ruin your appetite here. Oh and for the stoners – they do not sell rizla.