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The KFC Wagyu Beef Bacon Burger

KFC Wagyu Beef Bacon Burger

Coming back to China I certainly did not envisage myself eating KFC, then while walking past one in Guilin I saw the most bizarre thing ever, the KFC Wagyu Beef Bacon Burger. There are no ifs buts or maybes, I had to try it.

I have often wondered why KFC have not tried to do hamburgers I mean after all the burger joints all pretty much do fried chicken. And I for one always try that fried chicken, but alas not only do I feel like I am cheating on the colonel, but it is never anywhere near the Kentucky variety. It is pretty much for that reason that I have always thought KFC should give it a crack…..

The KFC Wagyu Beef Bacon Burger

Stacked up with not two, but three burger patties and a shit tonne of cheese, this burger automatically looks the part. It is then finished off with onions and burger sauce/Big Mac relish. And then you eat it….

This though is itself no easy feat and this burger is well and truly stacked. And the first bite was epic and everything I had ever dreamed of, itself a triumph as I have not had all that much luck with Wagyu. The burger meat was fabulous and seemingly cooked to just medium rather than burnt to a cinder as happens in McDonald’s and Burger King.

This in combo with the expertly melted cheese as well as the onions and finally the bacon just synced so well that it was frankly amazing. In fact I would go as far as saying it is in the top 5 first taste franchise burger that I have ever had. As things stand it just falls down to the Ultimate Cheese from Burger King, my first time in Lotteria China and the Bulgogi variety from McDonalds in Seoul. And of course there will always be a space in my heart for the triple square burger from not just Wendy’s, but my time in the Cayman Islands.

Where can I get the KFC Wagyu Beef Burger

After binge watching Baby Reindeer I now fancied myself as an internet sleuth, so went straight to Google to find out about the KFC Wagyu Beef Bacon Burger.

And the result? Well it seems to be just a Chinese thing. I am not quite sure why this is, but I think it is because in these parts the fast food giants have more autonomy to go against each other. This is why McDonalds, Lotteria and Jolibee all do bad spaghetti for example.

And while coming to China just for the KFC Wagyu Beef Bacon Burger might be a little excessive, IF you do come then missing it would be a huge mistake.