Khmer Street Food – Pong Man Ang!

Khmer Street Food - Pong Man Ang!

Cambodian, or rather Khmer Street Food does not get the plaudits it deserves, with there being a number of great dishes, many of which being really simple. One of the best examples of this is Pong Man Ang!

What is Pong Man Ang?

The joy here is the simplicity! Basically it is a grilled egg, but before grilling it they make a hole, take the rgg out, add as I had explained to me “add Khmer ingredients”. This includes salt, other “stuff” and of course Khmer pepper, which is pretty much the best in the world.

You can get this dish throughout Cambodia, but it is a real speciality for Battambang street food. In fact in Battambang you cannot anywhere without seeing these eggs, which make for the perfect quick and easy snack.

So, how do you eat Pong Man Ang?

You order it in general 3 to a stick, that is right a stick of boiled eggs. You can then either have it “to go”, or sit down and have it like a dish. When you sit down you served the egg, which you need to let cool and then peel, with you also being given Khmer greens – like you get with Khmer Balut, pepper, as well as pepper mixed with pickled garlic.

Once said egg is peeled you then add your pepper, vinegar and garlic and eat. Being the big chap I am I could just neck the whole egg, but it is better to ideally go half half……..

And that is Pong Man Ang, one of the best Khmer snacks you can get. If you want to travel to Battambang with the Street Food Guy, check out our my Dark Tourism Tour.