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Is there a McDonalds on Khao San Road? The 2022 Guide

McDonalds on Khao San Road

Is there a McDonalds on Khao San Road? There most certainly is and it is one of the stranger McDonalds out there in the world. Is it though worth visit?

McDonalds on Khao San Road

Thailand is one of the true epicentres of great cuisine and indeed some of the best street food in the world, particularly Bangkok. The Khao San Road on the other hand represents everything about Thailand the Thai’s don’t really wanna push.

The Khao San Road is what is often called a backpacker ghetto and whether this is fair, or not it does mean that the street is full of drugs, ladies, cheap booze and kebabs. There is though some great street food on the south side of the street, The McDonalds on Khao San Road sits on the north side of Khao San Road.

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When does the McDonalds on Khao San Road

With a street dedicated to getting Farang loaded enough to get drunk and make bad choices there needs to be late night dining options. These are therefore two fold, street kebab, or McDonalds.

The McDonalds on Khao San Road therefore opens at 11am and closes at 3 am. This means two very important things, firstly you cannot get McDonalds breakfast on Khao San Road.

The other part os that after about 1 am the place become the very definition of a shit show. Picture the scene, drunk foreigners arguing with staff and often fighting each other. This is the time and place to truly people watch.

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What is the food like at McDonalds on Khao San Road?

As someone who lives in Cambodia where there is no McDonalds it is usually a treat to visit a country that does have the big yellow clown. At Kha San McDonalds not so much so. I got the double Big Mac which took half an hour to arrive looked shit and tasted not all that much better.

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McDonalds is a strange mistress, you miss it when it is gone, but feel rather dirty when you finally do end up having it. The McDonalds on Khao San Road truly made me feel rather dirty.