Best Mac and Cheese in Nha Trang at Mr Mac

Mr Mac

Hha Trang at Lunar New Year really is no joke, and getting to eat anywhere is a bit of an arduous task, even at street food vendors. Said streets though do have other offerings which was took me to Mr Mac.

Seemingly a franchise and a Korean one at that it was located down a street that for the most part was Vietnamese street food vendors offering Pho and another Khmer/Vietnamese favorite in Ban Xeo – something I have yet to write about.

Amongst this was a small restaurant that could coper with maybe 10 people at most, namely Mr Mac.

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What the Mr Mac?

Originally I thought this place was a chain, due to the layout and what I initially thought were Korean owners,with cursory look on Google trying to send me to apple repair merchants.

I was though to get the “whole truth” a few weeks later when the actual owners reached out tell me that there a standalone family enterprise with hubby being British and wife being of the American persuasion. And their names Mr and Mrs Mac of course! It was actually nice to not just hear from there, but to hear they appreciated the article. As I have previously said the service here was great, a quality obviously ingrained in the staff by the owners.

Mr Mac Address

53/5 Nguyễn Thiện Thuật,

 Lộc Thọ,

 Nha Trang,

 Khánh Hòa 650000

Socialist Republic of Vietnam

This is not on the main street, but rather in one of the cool street food alleys that liter Nha Trang and offer something different form the big bustling expensive restaurants on the main drags. In case you were wondering, this place has changed a hell of a lot.

Initially I thought this was linked to the Korean franchise of the same name, but alas it is a standalone affair. Regardless of franchise, or not it still ranks as my best mac and cheese in Nha Trang (if not beyond).

Food at Mr Mac

Mr Mac is not trying to reinvent the wheel, he is serving you Mac and Cheese, one of the best inventions in the world. The range is small but electric and includes vegan and Korean varieties, BUT it truly is all about two things, the standard Mac, or the Deluxe. Standard is 130 ($$) as part of meal meal, or the deluxe at 150 ($6), again part of a meal.

Said deluxe comes with like 4 different cheeses, with the combo granting you a passion fruit smoothy (or beer) as part of the dealio.

Quite honestly the Mac and Cheese was epic and enjoyed quite literally by all.

Mr Mac is not only a true gem, but surely the best Mac and cheese in Nha Trang. I am sure they may be some other western restaurant contenders, but sometimes you just need short, simple and sweet.