Night cruising on the Nile

One of the things that had attracted me to this trip was solitude, some internet and perhaps a few beers. So a long story short here would be that most all of that failed.

That is not to say it was a failure, as my to this ship show you, but it was different to what I thought

Cruising on the Nile in your own room

Cruising on the Nile in your own room is epic, even if I was alone and with twi beds. Would it have been better with a mate? Of course.

If you are to go along though make sure you don’t get pushed into another loners room. Walking around nude and poor hygiene are not acceptable with strangers…

Night cruising on the Nile entertainment options

There is a bar on the 4th floor, with had most no one in for the trip, as well as a bar on the top deck which in theory does the railway cocktails.

Drinks here are expensive, but there were at least some girls up there, Also there is quite a nice pool that is cold. Sadly the floors knowns nothing of this and burnt my feet, when with wet socks on.

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Night cruising on the Nile from your room

My top tip for night cruising on the nile is to make the most go your room, This will come from the first part when you can see amazing oil aways and sunsets before you go to eat.

Fowling food you can go to the bar on the 4th floor, which has music and if you are really lucky people to drink with. Amazingly this was me before it was even fashionable.

And at the end of it you get to look endlessly out at the water as you move ever so slowly up the Nile and to your next journey in Luxor.

Day time, or around sunset gives the greatest view, but even the sites, sounds and cool temperature make this not just well worth night cruising on the Nile, but also a great place to amen your own on the ship, where you can sit in solitude as the ships roll on slowly. This is where you will see the secrets of Egyptian part of the centre part of everything that is Egypt

I personally enjoyed the breeze, smoked some tabs, write and let the River Nile whisk my mind away as many times as it could.