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Oops Cafe Saigon and Taiwanese Soft Culture

oops Cafe

Generally I am not what you would call a cafe man, rather I am a bar man. Yet while exploring Cafe Apartments I not only was hungry, but found a nice gem, Oops Cafe that overlooked the main square.

Cafe Apartments is exactly like what it sounds it is, with a big old school apartment block being transformed into cafes of the largely Korean and Taiwanese flavor.

What the Oops Cafe

Around 4 floors up on the total 9 decks of Apartment Cafe, Oops is quaint little affair that has the kitchen and ordering area as soon as you walk in, before simple seating and a small outside area.

Oops Cafe Address;

48 Hoa Cuc Ward 7,

Phu Nhuan District,

Ho Chi Minh City



The internet has also told me they have other branches in Indonesia and the like. One would also assume they are in Taiwan too, with this officially being a Taiwanese Dessert and Milk Tea franchise.

The Oops Cafe Menu

Like every Asian cafe that has been invented in Korea, Taiwan and the rest of the block since the 90’s the main menu items are drinks, which consist of bubble milk tea and teas that are in fact juices. They also have juices that are juices and have bits of jell in them. All of then are served in ridiculously big plastic cups.

The main food items though were cool like crepe type things that were sweet, but offered savory options as well. I went for the chase corn variety after having a similar dish on Xining Lu in Yanji. This though was a bit different and came also with tuna.

What really got my juices quite literally flowing though was the durian filled variety. It was frankly amazing and quite simply only cemented my love of the stinky fruit. Be warned though you really cannot mix durian with beer.

So, overall a great experience, although also one that leaves too many questions. How have these countries that were formerly so tough been infiltrated by the whole Taiwan, Korea and Japanese. cuddly toy culture?

It truly is a weird world…..