Reasons Cafe Buka

Reasons Cafe Buka

The food in Bougainville might not exactly be eclectic, but its also not all that bad either. Included in Bougainville cuisine is a few very decent restaurants, such as Reaons Cafe, which is located in Buka, the capital of the independence seeking region.

What’s the Trory with Reasons Cafe?

It is located next to the waterfront in Kuka, which means that it offers a fabulous place for both people watching (on boats), as well as just whiling away a day.

It tends to be busy whenever you come here and is frequented by a mixed bag lf locals and NGO types.

We personally come ere as a first stop on our Bougainville tours, and there is a also a hotel and rooms located here.

Reasons Cafe Buka Menu

Food wise this is very much a western menu situation, but also with some local flair. Western wise there are burgers ands steaks, but being new to the sea they have a plethora of seafood.

This includes seafood soup, fish and chips, as well as regular specials that are put on the board. My favorite though has to be the salt and pepper squid, something I saw in a number of places, but tasted the best here…..

Drinking at Reaons Cafe Buka

And of course there is a bar at Reaons Cafe, which again makes it a great place, although most still sit in the restaurant area by the seafront and then drink.

And they have all of the favorites, such as Bird of Paradise and SP, as well as the ability too make a Gin and Tonic, although as ai found out a Long Island Iced Tea is a bit too far for the servers….

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