Sex and Food – Sploshing and Hot Girls Eating

Sex and Food

Few would argue that sex and food go together like, well sex and food. These two things are many peoples favorite things to do, so it really is no surprise that they are often combined.

Of course how they are combined depends on many factors, with it potentially being as innocent as a romantic dinner that leads to sexy time right through to things such as “edible toys”.

Within this spectrum lay a number of food fetishes that I knew very little about, at least until Mr Podopheleus taught me about splashing and I myself go into the Hot Girls Eating scene…..

Food Fetish 1 – Sploshing

What is sploshing? I am told that sploshing also known as wet and messy fetishism (WAM) is where people get very messy be it from oil, mud and like before delving into sexy time.

One of the most popular forms of this is to use food and indeed foods that are liked by the person. This is not just whipped cream you see, but people getting fully destroyed by food. And this is a really big and popular thing, with groups and whole societies that are really into this.

And when it comes to fetishes I have to say that while it is not exactly my bag it is probably one of the better ones, with there really being a cult following of people that seriously seem to enjoy sploshing. I have though in the interests of taste kept the pictures a little vanilla.

Sex and food and hot girls eating

Hot Girls Eating has probably always been a thing, but it came into real prominence when a Korean female blogger started recording herself eating shit loads of food. Its authenticity has garnered much press and indeed intrigue, but it has also raised the profile of this genre.

Nowadays it is pretty popular for guys to search for hot girls eating, or sexy girls and food, with this genre also tying in greatly with the whole sploshing thing.

Again far from being weird it has gained some form of acceptance and indeed there are girls that have become social media sensations because of it. We have also dipped our toes into this with the website, which you can check out.

And that is our take on the kinky world of sex and food and how they intermingle. This is now a subject I aim to expand upon, with the help of experts.

So, if you have a sex and food story that you would like to share then get in touch.