Street Food Longyearbyen

Street Food Longyearbyen

Longyearbyen is the rather long and complicated name for the capital of Svalbard, an island that itself is weird as hell. Yet despite 24 hour days and nights, Svlarbard is a foodie Mecca and street food Longyearbyen is indeed a thing.

What the Svalbard?

A large island that was long disputed the very end deal was that Norway got to keep it, but ANYONE can technically live and do business here. The Soviet Union took this very seriously and opened 3 mines, with Pyramiden. Alas the war has somewhat put paid to that…

Nowadays the island its capital of Longyearbyen are most famous for cruises and ecotourism, which believe it, o9r not was why I was here.

They have seafood…..

Svalbard like Palawan is an island, so they both have fish. That is where the similarity ends.

Fish galore though they have and this is both in normal fashion, as well as slightly more quirky dishes like whale and seal, which prove controversial to some, while delicious to others (me).

Street Food Longyearbyen

Restaurants in Longyearbyen

There are tons of restaurants in Longyearbyen, with the majority being of Norwegian and seafood fare, but there also being Italian and even Thai options. It seems Thai’s were also of the sam opinion as the Soviets.

Restaurant Nansen, named after the bloke Nansen was very good, while I also took a fancy to Huset Restaurant (link to, which is known as one of the best in Norway, not just Svalbard. And ye sit was here that I tried me a wee bit of whale.

Street Food Longyearbyen

So on such a cold climate there is not a full Svalbard street food scene, but there is what you might call as close as you can get. There are numerous Thai restaurants here that serve classic delivery food, but there is also Norwegian hot dogs. There are stands that do these late at night for drunks, but also some service station action.

The northernmost gas station in the world apparently has some of the best hot-dogs and I have to say my visit to the Circle K did not disappoint in my search for Longyearbyen Street food.

Oh and a quick honorable mention? The breakfast the Coal Miners, fit withe the weird and wonderful Norwegian brown cheese…..