Street Food Yangon

Street Food Yangon

Having tried to visit Myanmar for like 10 years I was extremely excited to make it country 174! Even more exciting though was to see what the nightlife and street food Yangon scene was like.

It would be fairly fair to say that Myanmar has its fair share of problems,. What with the coup’s and the like. But, in fairness it is not alone, with Thailand not exactly being the most free and fair either.

Therefore despite its reputation for war, I decided to go and see it for myself. To do this I decided that the journey was also of equal importance, so went overland from Phnom Penh by train to Battambang, before exploring a bit of Thailand. From there it is quite literally an Air Asia flight to Yangon, the old capital of Burma….

You can read about if Myanmar is safe here.

Hitting the streets for Street Food Yangon

Yangon truly gives you that old world southeast Asia feel, with my Cambodian companion saying it reminded them of old Cambodia. And this is evident in many ways, such as the way the markets are done, as well as the street food of Yangon.

We will go into dishes a bit later, but almost every corner of every street seems to have some kind of street food cooking, with the selection being very very eclectic.

Myanmar street food and cuisine

We will probably give the cuisine of Myanmar its own article, but judging by the street food in Yangon it obviously has extremely heavy influences from all of its neighbors, which include India, China and Thailand, as well as local dishes.

And to be fair with these guys as your neighbors you are destined to have at least some decent dishes.

Where to find street food in Yangon

Due to the economics of the country street food is a real necessity rather than a quirk. You will find people on the streets selling snacks quite literally everywhere, with it ranging from Indian style samosas to the same kind of quirky eggs that I discovered in Battambang.

This is not to say there are not great restaurants though, with THOR being one of the best that I found.

Quite simply though the best nightlife and street food of Yangon is all about going to 19th Street, which is also apparently where Chinatown is, although we did not see all that much related to China there….