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The Korean Meat and Seafood BBQ Restaurant – 5th Ring road Beijing

Korean Meat and Seafood BBQ

One of the best things about going out with DPR Koreans in Beijing is that they know someone great secret places, and thus we ended up the Korean Meat and Seafood BBQ Restaurant somewhere by the 5th ring road in Beijing.

The place had come at the suggestion of our partner at the DPRK embassy in Beijing, who as he put it himself had heard of the place “from traders”.

Can North Koreans Travel Abroad is an often asked question, the simply answer is that yes they can.

Korean Restaurants in Beijing

Korean restaurants in Beijing can usually be split into three genres, firstly South Korean Restaurants, secondly Chinese-Korean restaurants and lastly restaurants of the DPRK in China.

The later of these has become somewhat of a thing, mostly due to the waitresses, who are not only great at their job, but can sing and dance. This has led to a 4th genre, whereby a Chinese restauranteur, usually of Korean origin sets up a place that has Korean girls serving you. The Korean Meat and Seafood BBQ Restaurant was the later.

What is North Korean food like?

We have covered the differences between North Koreans South Korean food before, as well as what North Korean street food is like, but we ran g over it again.

The DPRK has much better kimchi, beer, such as Taedonggang, as well as overall much more fresh ingredients.

Another key tenet is that duck is a key part of their version of Korean BBQ, which makes it really different from what you might have in the south.

The Korean Meat and Seafood BBQ Restaurant

OK, so the food here at The Korean Meat and Seafood BBQ Restaurant was epic, with us strung all of our favorites again, whilst knocking it back with DPR Korean beer and Soju in our private room.

But, what makes this places and other like The Korean Meat and Seafood BBQ Restaurant is the waitresses. These consist of some of the most beautiful provincial girls from DPR Korea coming to China to not only demonstrate their waitress skills, but also their hospitality and ability to sing.

Our personal girl spent here time with us not just serving, but quite literally feeding us too. All great preparation for when we were to move into the private karaoke room.

Singing DPR Koreas best hits

Now when one says “private karaoke room”, we have to say that these are North, not South Koreans, so theres no funny business here. There are though lots of Korean Chinese and English songs that your hostess and ideally your guide will sing to.

Thankfully we were with not only one of the best DPR Koreans signers we personally know, but with almost 300 trips to the DPRKL between us, we also knew how to belt out a Korean revolutionary tune.

Overall a great experience, with The Korean Meat and Seafood BBQ Restaurant making a string case for the blessing the best DPR Korean restaurant in Beijing.