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Lost in the boonies – The Muong Thanh Vinh Hotel

Muong Thanh Vinh

Back in the early days of The Street Food Guy I had a penchant for exploring “shit” Chinese cities. Now it appears I have accidentally gotten back on this hobby, but in Vietnam, hence why I ended up at the Muong Thanh Vinh Hotel.

And why indeed did I end up here? Well while traveling from the Saigon to Hanoi, via Nha Trang, Da Nang and Hue I decided that my journey should be broken up. Vinh according to Dr Google was the best option for this. With hindsight I should have just continued to Hanoi.

Arriving in Vinh

I will not go into too much detail on Vinh as this shitty city surely deserves its own article (when I have left), but I rocked to Vinh on the Reunification Express at about 11.15.

This is not a particularly late time to arrive in most Vietnamese cities, particularly those of the former South Vietnam. Alas things are different in the north. I duly booked the only hotel available, the Muong Thanh Ving Hotel and booked a grab. Said hotel was literally across the road…….

The Muong Thanh Vinh Hotel

The hotel itself was very endemic of what you might find in a city that gets quite literally no tourists. I am sure during communist times this place was the bees knees, bit now it just looks dated.

Still the rooms were OK, the staff friendly and we were next to a street with restaurants on, or at least so I thought.

Again I will give this its own article, but said pumping street food Vinh street has but a mere two open restaurants and nothing even resembling a mini-mart.

I got some pho and retreated to my hotel. In fairness the Muong Thanh Vinh Hotel had breakfast included. Sadly Vietnamese breakfast is just not all that much cop…..

I’ll be back!, no I probably will not be back….