Opulence at the Vivian Westwood Cafe

Vivian Westwood Cafe

With me traveling to Macau I had expected to be out of my usually street food bubble, but I had not exactly planned for the opulence of the Vivian Westwood cafe.

I found myself here after crossing the border and jumping on the first free bus that I saw, this took me to the Grand Lisboa Palace located just outside Taipa Taipa the capital of Macao.

The Grand Lisboa Palace

At $250 it was unlikely that I would end up staying here, but as I was here I was certainly going to have a look around. And all in all I have to say I was very impressed.

Firstly this is not just a casino, but a palace with there being shopping opportunities everywhere, as well as restaurants and even children’s play areas. I would no usually include the later, but they had Moomin (link) themed area, something I loved as a kid…

I also spotted the Vivian Westwood Cafe, so decided right away that I had to go.

The Vivian Westwood Cafe

In cae y’all don’t know Vivian Westwood is a fashion designer from the UK who in fiction gifted Carrie her wedding dress on TV show 3’s hookers and their madam.

I therefore concluded that the place would be opulent and expensive. I was in the mood for both of these things. The cafe was next to an actual Vivian Westwood store and had a cafe like exterior, but with the cool people having to ask for their table on entrance. I was without doubt the most casually dressed going in, but I felt that I deserved to be there with not an inch of imposter syndrome.

It described itself as “experimental” which I assume malt “lets see if people buy this shit”.

The Vivian Westwood Cafe Macao Menu

The menu at Vivian Westwood Cafe was not actually that experimental instead having a fairly bog standard if not posh food list. This included stuff as benign as chips and wings (which I got), but with extras like garlic butter sauce.

Most of the other stuff was fairly standard and the kind of dishes you’d expect from anywhere such as fish and chips, as well as squid.

The drinks menu was a bit of a let down though with there being a mocktail, but not a cocktail list. They did though have sparkling wine, which is what I opted for.

I also went for Vivian Westwood Special Bear Drink, which was a marvelous hot chocolate with a chocolate bear, rather than a Grindr style advertisement.

Still thirsty I also went for an Orange San Peregrino, or as I like to call it the Ferrari of #FantaQuest

Is Vivian Westwood Cafe expensive?

All in all one main, 3 drinks (one of which was sparkling wine) and a cute bear made of chocolate came in at just over 300 MOP/HKD, or $40 USD, so not exactly cheap, but also not mortgage your house expensive.

Do I need to go to the Vivian Westwood Cafe again, probably not if I am brutally honest…..

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