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The 7 different Water Fighters at Khmer New Year

celebrate Khmer New Year

Anyone who is anyone knows that there is only one way to celebrate Khmer New Year and that is by getting involved in the water fights. How do you do this though and indeed what kind of different water fighters are there are Khmer New Year?

In the interests of this article we are concentrating on Khmer New Year and in particular the kind of water fighters at Khmer New Year you find in Siem Reap! But similar patterns will be found throughout Cambodia and indeed even in Thailand and Myanmar, both of whom like a bit of splashing for their new year jollies.

Where are the best Water Fighters at Khmer New Year?

OK, so if you are wondering what Khmer New Year is and how to celebrate it then click here, but if you want to know where to celebrate it, then the answer is Siem Reap.And the reason for this? This is where the big party is.

You see while most areas are all about family, in Sien Reap it is one of the most important tourist events of the year. Quite literally tens of thousands of people come here, with the predominant reason being to0 water fight.

Here’s our guide to the 7 types of water fighters at Khmer New Year you find.

Number 1 – The Water Pistole Warriors

By far the most prevalent water fighters at Khmer New Year that you will find. Being one of these requires dropping some cash to get yourself some of the best water pistols out there.

Don’t mess about here, you need backpack packs with extra water and super soakers, not an 80’s style piss dribbler.

Number 2 – Street Gang Water Fighters at Khmer New Year

Perhaps my favorites of all are the gangs of kids that form at the sides of roads. What these guys lack in money and equipment they make up for in zeal.

For these eater fighter warriors at new year it is all about buckets, pans,, hoses and ice. They will not let anyone pass the roads that they own.

Number 3 – The TukTuk Water Fighters

The poorer cousins of the 4X4 divers, they still thought would not be underestimated. These water best done by ramourque (large) TukTuks, which can host a few people and buckets off water.

They will often accept stowaways to help with their quests…

Number 4 – The rich kid 4X4 and Truckers

To be in this gang you will need a good 4X4, or truck, a heap of people and a driver. Having the economics to have a truck means that they also have the best equipment AND buckets.

The best way to take down these guys is quite simply with water bombs. Use balloon and not condoms for this……

Number 5 – Biker gang water fighters at Khmer New Year

Riding 2-4 to a bike these guys are equally brave and stupid. You see by carrying guns they make themselves a target, but they have to drive and have scant chance to fire back.

The streets gangs make minced meat of these clowns…..

Number 6 – Urban Guerrilla Fighters at Khmer New Year

Located in the city centers (mostly) these guys tie in a shop, or restaurant from here they can have unlimited access to water. Usually these water fighters at Khmer New Year have almost unlimited personal and firepower.

And not only that, but they have been known to even occupy higher levels of buildings, meaning they can quite literally bomb you.

Number 7 – AND FINALLY – The worst water fighters of Khmer New Year – Pretty girls and guys

Many females and indeed males both Khmer and barang have either not seen the memo, OR drastically underestimate what water and electronics do when they mix.

These people can best be described as posers rather than new year water fighters as they dress to the nines and really do not like getting wet, like at all……

Due to this it is important to hit them with water as much as possible. A key point here though is that you should try to avoid it when they are on their phone! The problem is though it is really hard to know when this is, as well they do it all the bloody time AND right in the middle of the action. Do not be a pretty girl, or guy….

So, those is our water fighters of Khmer New Year! Did we miss any out and where do you fit into the mix?

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