Anibare Boat Harbour Restaurant – The Best Chinese Food in Nauru

Anibare Boat Harbour Restaurant

If you eat in Nauru at some point you will have Chinese food, particularly as every restaurant bar one is Chinese. It is thus important to pick a good one and I can confirm that Anibare Boat Harbour Restaurant is still the best.

I’d initially discovered this place during my first tour to Nauru in 2017, back when there were still refugees and thus their restaurants here. Times though changed and of course Covid came along meaning I had not been here since very early in 2020. I was thus interested to see how things were going after arriving from Tarawa.

Chinese food in Nauru

The people of Nauru are not used to working, which means that all of the stores and restaurants are run by the Chinese. Now before you gosling “but I love Chinese food” take some context.

This is Chinese food made to suit the local palate and that palate has made the country the most obese on earth.

Therefore Chinese food in Nauru, as well as food in general in Nauru can be very hit and miss.

Anibare Boat Harbour Restaurant location….

You want the address? You got it….

Anibare Boat Harbour Restaurant

Anibare (near the boat harbour)


More importantly 10-15 minutes walk to the Menem Hotel, as well as Bayview Restaurant, which is one of  the 4 pubs of Nauru….

What makes Anibare Boat Harbour Restaurant so good?

In the old days it was partly because you could get some backstreet booze here no matter the day. Sadly Nauru have gone a bit Nazi on this front and grabbing a brew is not easy.

Thankfully it has great food though, which includes all the major Chinese treats, but also a great western menu that includes fish and chips, chops, burgers and bunch of other stuff.

And it is all not only good, but the owner here is a legend in herself that is always happy to chat in English or Chinese and has a consistent smile on here face.

And lastly there is the view, for who doe snot enjoy looking out at the Pacific Ocean whilst eating. The fact that you can also either get a cocktail at Bayview, swim in the bay or walk back to your hotel after is but mere icing on the cake.

By far the best Chinese restaurant in Nauru.