The Nauru Pub Crawl 2023

Nauru Pub Crawl

Can you drink in every pub in a whole country? You most certainly can and indeed YPT do every year as part of our Least Visited Countries Tour.

Things though are ever changing, perhaps making our 2023 Nauru pub crawl all that bit more interesting, even for us old timers.

And before anyone gets silly, this is done as bit of q quirk, rather then te main point of our day.

Nauru Bars – Just how many are there?

In the old days there were 4, Jules on Deck, the Od’n Aiwo Hotel, Bayview and the bar at the Menem Hotel A nice easy route, but certainly one that needed a bus.

We pulled it off with perfection in 2019, but could we manage it in 2023? Well yes and no.

Step 1 on the Nauru Pub Crawl – The Od’n Aiwo Hotel

A hotel we never stay in and a bar we only drink in as part of the Nauru Pub Crawl. This time they quite literally had had their license removed, so there was no drink to drink.

They have pokeys here though and I won $50 AUD, so it was not all bad. We then went to Bayview (not part of the crawl yet) to pick up emegerncy drinks for the other areas.

Step 2 on the Nauru Pub Crawl – Jules on Deck

A place I legitimately love, but alas Covid and expats leaving has not left the bar in a great state, with it now mostly being used for functions.

It does though have a great sunset and we at least had a drink here, even if we bought them ourselves.I did though get to speak to the owner of Jules On Deck, who happens to be the manager at the Meneng who assured me they will be back, one day. When that happens I hope they once again take the mantle of best bar in Nauru.

Step 3 the Kava Bar!

The Kava Bar, or rather the ywllow bar is an LGBTQ+ friendly place that sells Kava, but not beer. This is a must try thing when you are in Fiji, or Vanuatu, but was a new thing for me at least within Nauru.

Will it stay on the pub crawl? Well they let me sink, so why not right?

Step 4 of the Nauru Pub Crawl, dinner at Bayview

The bar and restaurant on the whole of Nauru, so a perfectly fine place to semi-finish the evening. High end rather than street food, they also make amazing cocktails.

And you can even walk to the Hotel Menem after you are dome..

Pub Crawl in Nauru finale at the Menem Hotel

Alas both the club and the hotel bat were closed when we got here, but again some people had supplies, so shared them out, almost like if we were stuck on a deserted island.

So, overall we are happy to have both the Nauru Pub Crawl and indeed the :east Visited Countries tour back.