The Best Bar in Yangshuo – Groove Vibes Cafe Bar

Groove Vibes Cafe Bar

While most all of he great bars in Yangshuo have now closed, there has recently been one establishment that has bucked this trend by opening. And that is the new best bar in Yangshuo, Groove Vibes Cafe Bar!

And if you are thinking what happened to the other bars? Well it is a big combo of dishonest locals, foreigners being kicked out if China and good old Covid. This has changed one of the best nightlifes in China, featuring The DMZ Bar, Bad Panda, The Brew, and Lounge to have all bitten the bullet.

Let us all take a minute silence while reading about if you should even visit Yangshuo in 2024.

The Best Bar in Yangshuo – Groove Vibes Cafe Bar

So lets get straight to the point and cute foreplay, the Best Bar in Yangshuo is now Groove Vibes Cafe Bar. What though and where is Groove Vibes Cafe Bar?

Well it is the brainchild of the fine people that are in charge of Ganga Indian Restaurant with it being placed not only next door, but also within reactive ease of the Street Food in Yangshuo.

As well the Indian owners Aki and Nari they have been joined in the project by German Patrick and his Chinese wife. This group smartly look over the rear during Covid meaning they got a great price, that is now being passed onto the consumer. They are also the only bar for all intents, something Patrick acknowledged as making it “worth the risk”.

Groove Vibes Cafe Bar Address: No.110B-111B , Block E, YangGuang 100 E-110B Number Aki, Yangshou

Quite literally connected to Ganga

Groove Vibes Cafe Bar highlights……

So what make this this the best bar in Yangshuo? Well firstly it is the people, all of which have enormous experience, but are also nice. They have all achieved at running restaurants and for a long time Ganga was the de-facto best bar in Yangshuo anyway.

What they have now done though is make the bar and restaurant different affairs, with snacks like burgers being offered alongside craft beer, many more cocktails, as well as entertainment.

Said entertainment though is not an awful Chinese singer that sounds like a cat being gang raped, but classic pub activities, such as table football, the old national sport or Yangshuo to darts, the new national sport of the town! You know things that you might fund in bars……

And no we do not even count the abominations on West Street as even being in contention for the best bar in Yangshuo, for that title is now easily held by Groove Vibes Cafe Bar!