Best Restaurant in Yangshuo – Ganga Indian Restaurant

Restaurant in Yangshuo

Yangshuo might be filled to the rafters with restaurants, but they are notoriously bad. There is though at least one good food lone survivor and that I Ganga Indian Restaurant – the best restaurant in Yangshuo.

Why is this? Quite simply because most of the other good destuff has gone and that at Ganga there is still some pride in giving a greta product, rather than just ripping of tourists.

The decline of the restaurant in Yangshuo

I will keep this part brief so as not to sound even more like the jaded expat that I am, but back in 2017 Yangshuo was different. Then there were greta restaurants and bars. Ganga was the Indian Restaurant, The Brew was THE western restaurant, Minority Cafe has the the best breakfast and street food Yangshuo was plentiful and cheap.

And the bar scene was arguable even better with places like Bad Panda and The Lounge supplemented by the YPT ran DMZ Bar. Things were good.

Sadly as the people of Yangshuo grew more greedy and dishonest away the tourists started to drift, as did the bars. This meant that once Covid hit things were almost over entirely.

This for a time also included Ganga, who moved to Guiyang. They have though come back….

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Ganga Indian Restaurant 2024

Having reopened last year after their return, long time workers and owners Aki and Mari, accompanied by a new team moved into the former Brew Restaurant. This was previously ran by Austrian Andy, who sadly after being forced out of China like so many foreigners passed away.

The move though was huge one for Ganga and they now have the best piece of real estate on the street, with enough visibility to catch passing trade, should it ever return to the city. They have also built a new bar next door, but connected called “Groove Vibes Cafe Bar”. The name might be a bit ick, but the place is epic and will be getting its own article.

Ganga Address: No.110B-111B , Block E, YangGuang 100 E-110B Number Aki, Yangshou

Why the best restaurant in Yangshuo?

Restaurants and seemingly most businesses in Yangshuo have seemingly been set up to separate people from their money. Now why you might argue that this is merely capitalism, surely it is better to do this by having a great product, rather than just robbing people.

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And this is where Ganga Yangshuo really succeeded. The service here is great, honest and non-intrusive, with the guys being happy ti share their food and their culture. Of course they are there to get money too, but you get the impression they are also here because they like living in Yangshuo and they do this job because they like it. Perhaps I am bias after knowing them for so many years, but facts are facts.

Menu at Ganga Indian Restaurant

One cannot be the best restaurant in Yangshuo without having a good product though and Ganga have just that. The menu of course Indian, but is also broad and inclusive of not just curries, but other Indian dishes, from starters to desserts.

On the curry front they cover the whole non-spicy (Korma) to extra spicy (prawn vindaloo) with everything in between. They are also Indian, with some Bengalis meaning that they are not restricted to merely what is on the menu. I have often requested off menu items and never have they failed.

This to me pride also included real English style chips, which as I taught them goes great with their curry sauce.

Drinking at the best restaurant in Yangshuo?

I will leave out their new bar the moment, but what actually simpered the joint was that for year ask while the other bars had closed Ganga had already become the de-facto meeting place for expats.

This was another testament to the owners and just how welcoming that they are. And it is very likely and not just because they are the last men standing, that they will have equal bar success, to their best Indian restaurant in Yangshuo record…