Best Bars in Hamra Guide – 2024

Bars in Hamra

The people of Beirut are fairly pleased with their “Paris of the Middle-East” mantra, with nothing perhaps epitomizing this than the bars in Hamra.

Here you will find not just greta restaurants and a laid back attitude, but also the only places in Beirut where you can do a bar crawl. Hamra is therefore seen as being the place to get your groove on in Beirut

If though you are only visiting for a short time then you cannot visit everywhere. We have therefore prepared at the best bars in Hamra guide, which if were honest also means best bars in Beirut and best bars in Lebanon!

Best Bar in Hmara Beirut in 2024

Abou Eli Pub

While our best bars of Hamra guide is not exactly in order, this one is actually pour favorite. Located a nit out of the way, this is actually gives it more charm.

The Abou Eli has been described as a communist themed bar, but in actuality is a bar where real community drink. Be sure to sign a note so they can add it to their wall.

Ferdinand Bar

Address: Nehme Yafet Street Hamra, Beirut Lebanon

Located away from the other bars and connected to a hotel, Ferdinand is often called the best bar in Beirut and I can see why. Really relaxed vibe, great atmosphere and friendly staff.

Ferdinand Bar gave me a real pub like, but friendly vibe.

Best English Pub in Beirut – London Bar

Being an Englishman obviously I had to go to London Bar! Actually this is a place I have frequented a few times over the years and it remains great. Super great ambience, cool outdoor area and the best bar staff in Beirut perhaps.

Also conveniently next to many of the other best bars in Hamra, which makes air a great starting or finishing spot.

Best bars in Hamra – The Rabbit Hole

Quite literally 2 down from London Bar this is another place that people seem to really love. Greta outdoor drinking area, not to mention a small, but very welcoming bar area.

The Rabbit Hole recently moved from its previous location top where it is now.

Neighbors Bar in Beirut

Perhaps a stick entry to the best bars of Hamra, but a deserved one. This place is just around the corner from London Bar on a street of its own. From the goldfish bowl like window it looks like not much is going on inside.

In fact this place is busy throughout the night and has a cool little to upstairs, very much complimented by the friendly English speaking staff.

It is also opposite the one late night places you can get booze, such as Buzz Beer.

Best bars in Hamra – last but not least, Little Beirut..

And last but not least for our best bars in Hamra (although we may keep adding to the list). Little Beirut is perhaps less cool than the others, but is also much more locally faced.

They do great food here, as well as cocktails. This includes the bet Long Island Iced Tea in Beirut, which quite literally knocked me out after three!

And those are our 6 best bars in Hamra for 2024! And a list that we hope to extend on.