Buzz Beer and Buzz Alcopops – The best of Lebanon

Buzz Beer

A few years ago I visited Lebanon and Syria for the first time. Overall it was a food and drink haven, with both Buzz Beer and Buzz Alcopops being part of this treat.

And this is in part due to the complexities of me when I travel. Yes I want to try new things, but I also love a variant. This is what led to both #ColaQuest and #FantaQuest. In Beirut though, it was all about “SmirnoffIceQuest

Lebanese Smirnoff Ice

When it comes to innovation you have to hand it to the boys at Smirnoff, as not only do they make great vodka, BUT also quite literally new drinks. Among these I count most recently Smirnoff Soju, but it was at the end of the 90’s here shit got real.

That was when Smirnoff Ice git invented. This was a teenagers wet dream and many a night it git us drunk. Yes it is just bottled Vodka and real lemonade, but it is simplicity that the genius lay.

And of course this has led to global copycats. My favorite among these would be Tanduay Ice of lesser note would be the alcohol free ones in Iran.

In Lebanon though it was the “Vodka Ice” of Buzz that drew me in. Pretty cheap at less than 2 bucks a bottle, but also a real small down able taste. It is also just 5.5%, which I actually preferred to ID Double Edge of Egypt.

What the Buzz Beer?

Formed in 2015 bt Kassatly Chtaura, manufacturer of food and beverages, 9% Buzz Beer was their first product, from here get have now clearly expanded heavily.

And how is Buzz Beer? Well it is a 10 percent lager, so people are buying this to get drink, not sample Lebanese craft beer.

It does though appear that these drinks are still for the cool people. Although with that being said you will not see it in the bars of Hamra…..

And the Buzz Alcopops!

So beer is beer, but I truly love the Buzz Alcopop range. AS stated the Vodka Ice is great, bit I also tried Cranberry, Ruzz, and Pineapple. Alas this is from “everything”. In my defense though I am trying not to be an epic lush.

Buzz Products

Buzz Lemon Vodka

Buzz Pineapple

Buzz Ruzz

Buzz Cranberry

Buzz Mango

Buzz Strong

Buzz Extra Strong

Buzz Ultimate Cranberry

From the list you will also see they also dabble in super strength Smirnoff Ice type jazz. This is on my to do list tonight.

And that is the story of Buzz Beer Lebanon, the greatest way to spend your time drinking out of a bar. If you want go into a bar we suggest The Best Bar in Beirut – click the link for more…..