Best Burger In Kampot at Laundry Cafe

How to correctly eat a burger

While burgers are almost a dime a dozen in this expat friendly city now, the original and indeed best burger in Kampot has pretty much always been at Laundry Cafe and Burger Bar.

In fact things were so good here that they even expanded into Siem Reap, but alas there was already a Laundry Cafe in Siem Reap, so they stole the name Big Boy Burger. Alas Big Boy Burger is but a mere second best in Siem Reap.

And as for Kampot? I shall give this tourist town its own article at some point, but to sum up this is where older expats come for the beauty, as well as fighting to find the cheapest everything in the city. On holidays though it can be full of people and marks a great getaway from the bustle of Phnom Penh, particularly when there is a beer festival here.

Where is Laundry Cafe?

Laundry Cafe is located in the extremely small “downtown” of Kampot City, not far from the famous “Durian Roundabout”, Kampot football stadium and the overall nightlife.

It is also located next to arguably the other best burger in Kampot, Burgershack – which I will delve into later.

What is the address of Laundy Cafe?

Laundry Cafe Burger Bar

No. 27 Street 74,

Krong Kampot

Kingdom of Cambodia


And the best burger in Kampot

I originally came to Laundry Cafe Burger Bar in early 2020, just before the pandemic and during my first ever foray into Kampot. The burgers here at the time were epic, with them offering lots of extremely big options. These include their signature cheeseburger “happy meal” – $5 with a beer included.

Aside from this there are big beastly Hawaiian, mushroom, cheese and other varieties that can be topped up to create a beast the size you desire. And they even have local specialities, which include the Kampot pepper burger. I truly love Kampot pepper and combining it with a fatty patty, some cheese and jalapeños is a genius move.

The Best Burger in Kampot – The best of the rest

Much like with the best burger in Phnom Penh, Burgershack (which is in both cities) gives a true run for the money also. Yet while I do like Burger Shack Kampot, what disappoints me is that I feel they are just trying too hard to be McDonalds.

In third place I would put Smashed Burger Co, the newest entrant into #KampotBurgerWars

And I can confirm this correct as of early 2024, with me popping over to check on the best burger in Kampot at least once a year and usually to coincide with the Kampot Beer Festival.

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