The Absolute Best Burger in Phnom Penh – Cakes and Craft

The Absolute Best Burger in Phnom Penh - Cakes and Craft

When talking about the best burger in Phnom Penh it is a pretty competitive market! There can through of course be only one winner, and for me that is Cakes and Craft down in BKK1.

Where are the Best Burgers in Phnom Penh?

And the best of the rest? At some point I will do something on the 5 best burgers in Phnom Penh, but for now I shall merely summarize. Previously I saw the French ran Cousin’s as the best burger in town, but that has now drifted to second.

Burger shack deserves a mention too, but for me they are still trying to be too much like McDonalds. Of the last 2, any 3 from Digby’s, Lone Pine Cafe, as well as macaroni cheeseburger at Gastropub 130.

Of course this ignores the Phnom Penh burger franchisees…

Best Burger Franchises in Cambodia and Phnom Penh

THERE IS NO MCDONALDS IN CAMBODIA!!!! OK shock over? You could though very briefly get McDonalds delivered within the country, although as if now Thailand, or Vietnam is your best bet. I have been known to indulge on the Khao San Road.

There is though Burger King and as the saying goes “If you like McDonald’s you like McDonalds, if you like good burgers, you like Burger King”. I recently had their 3 cheese and it was amazing.

Of course there is KFC, but they should only ever get talked about with regards to fried chicken!!!

Then there is Carl’s Junior’s which I always find a letdown, as well as the very overrated Habit Burger.

Cakes and Craft Address

Cakes and Craft is located in prima real estate in the trendy BKK 1 part of Phnom Penh. It is located down an alley and next to the wonderful Teddy Bear bar, if you like drinks served with a bit of campness!

Cakes and Craft Address

9 Street 460,


Phnom Penh 12301

Kingdom of Cambodia

What the Cakes and Craft

From the outside it is a vey unassuming place that came from very humble beginnings. Ran by a nice couple it was initially cakes, sweets and brownies cooked by the female that drew the masses. Then they started to make artisanal burgers that went crazy on social media and a storm started to brew.

They slowly became so famous that the restaurant, which is still small had the cakes part removed and instead became a burger restaurant and bar that is at times standing room only.

And if a packed house is not enough proof, then why not talk to the owner himself, who when asked who has the best burger in Phnom Penh he replied not that its was him, but that perhaps he also had the best burger in Asia! Wild wild words……

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And the best burgers in Phnom Penh?

OK enough blah blah and lets get down to issue at hand, the burgers! The range here is actually pretty simple, but extremely good and well priced. The main draw is the classic cheeseburger at just $3.00, which leads up to the Hawaiian at $6 and what I went for the “Breakfast Burger” at $7.00, with an extra patty being available for just $1.00.

This was truly an epic feast, but also not overpacked. This made the burger keep its consistency, gave the ability to eat with one hand, as well as the burger remaining intact until you finish.

The menu also heavily affords the customer the ability to also build their own burger, which I will boo doubt try at some point. Aside from that they also make pretty good hot dogs, which I forced myself to have in the interests of my craft!

And the sides? The burgers come as they come, but there are so excellent fries and chips variants, such as what I went for the garlic fries.This was not only delicious, bo so garlicky that 3 days later I am still scaring off vampires.

Ands lastly this is just a really nice bar to hang out in, with the $5 Long Island Iced Teas being not only strong, but also delicious, a feat very few bartenders can pull off…..