Best Burger in Xian – Sharky Sports Bar and Restaurant


Sharks Sports Bar and Restaurant is apparently the only sports bar in Xian. How good it is at that I cannot attest to, but they do have the best burger in Xian.

And while I only found out this place by accident, I got to fine tune my knowledge through a magazine I used to write for, namely Xianese. Sadly none of my writing is still on their site, but they did teach me that Sharky Sports Bar opened last year. Alas after the foreigners left.

What the Sharks Sports Bar and Restaurant

Located right at he bottom of Nan Da Jie, or south street it is quite literally just before the South Gate. This puts it near old favorites like the Belgium Bar, as well as what was one Bar Street, not to be confused with Pub Street Sorya Mall.

It has a lively exterior, which is what brought me in as well as a 1950’s American style diner feel. Inside was again like this and less sports bar like. I really cannot imagine coming here to watch football, but I guess if there really was nothing else going….

Sharky Sports Bar and Restaurant Address;

South Street

Next to City Wall



Peoples Republic off China

And the best Burger in Xian?

It earns the moniker of best burger in Xian for a number of reasons, but principally that this simple menu is defined to have great food rather than just appeal to Chinese people. Therefore there are 7+ burgers, as well as sliders on the menu.

In fact the menu implied it is a franchise, but I have not checked. This though would not be a surprise given that even Tim Horten has now spread like virus in Xian.

Oh and the best burger in Xian? I went for the triple cheese burger, as in two patties and three cheeses. I then followed the rules for how to correctly eat a burger and ended up caked in juice. It was thought worth it and value for just over 10 bucks.

I also had a pint for $6 and a Long Island for $7. China is no longer cheaper like it was, but in may ways standards have also risen greatly….